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A Trip to Remember

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I sat there in the back yard in the tree house, it must have only been ten feet off the ground, but it looked like I was miles away from the fallen leaves. I crouched in the corner, being as still as possible, terrified to throw off the balance of the tree house- of the universe. My friend stood across from me as we discussed the meaning of life and happiness. My pupils consumed my eyes, completely covering the usual vibrant green with a black vacancy. My thoughts raced. Never in my life had I had so many thoughts at once. I wondered aloud to my friend if I was having too many thoughts for one life time and I would not be able to think anymore after that night. He assured me that would not be the case, but the cold wind whipped my hair around and the trees gawked at me- making faces that shook me to my very core. What had I gotten myself into? I slowly climbed down from the tree house with the help of my friend and made my way into the garage. Looking at the wooden walls and all the people in there arguing, I began to cry; not that anyone noticed. I did not cry for myself, but for humanity. It was at that moment that I realized everyone is truly out for themselves. It does not matter how close you think you are with someone. When it comes down to it, everyone has their own agenda. The thought terrified me and I quickly left the garage, locking myself in my car. I needed to be alone. I felt a disconnect from every person in the world and had never felt so afraid. My view on life was spun. Never would I look at my “friends” the same way. The trees continued to make threatening faces, and I embraced the terror of the night.

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