A New Beginning

November 28, 2012
By , Oshkosh, WI
It was a fall day, the wind was blowing, and the leaves were falling. It was hard to be sad on a nice day like this, but today was a day when it was easy.

It was early 2007 when I was playing outside in our backyard sandbox when I heard my parents talking softly on the porch. I couldn’t make out the words, but I heard something about moving something. What were they moving? I didn’t think it was that important to me, so I continued playing Barbie’s in my sandbox with my brother and sister. The next day, my parents drove my siblings and I to their owned business in Oshkosh. They own a bar/restaurant, and it’s pretty big in the inside. It has a big bar right in the middle, a dance floor and a stage on one side, and a restaurant seating section on the other side. We live in Fond Du Lac at the time, so we spend an hour driving there and back every day when they go to work.

After we walked into my parent’s business, my parents told us to take a seat because they have to talk to us. They both slowly walked over to one of the green lounge seats, sat down next to us with a slouchy posture and both sighed. I wondered if they were upset about something or just tired from the drive here. My brother, sister, and I followed them and took a seat next to them. “Kids, I have some bad news...” Mom looked away for a minute. Bad news? Did somebody pass away? What happened? She turned back and told us that our building that my parents owned was going to be torn down soon. She also explained that we will be moving to Oshkosh by the new place they already bought to continue their business. I could see the tears forming in her eyes as she turned her head away. I could not believe this; this building is like a second home to me! My parents got up and cleaned up for that day of business. I ran into the kitchen in the back, hid into a darkly lit corner by the cutting tables and cried for an hour. My mind was racing about how my life would change and how I wouldn’t be able to spend every day here to play and hang out with my brother and sister.

The next morning after we got home, I walked slowly to my elementary school with my brother and neither one of us said a word. I wonder what was running through his head. I knew what was running through my head, what would I say to my friends when I tell them that I’m moving? Would we still be friends after I moved? When the school’s bell rang, all of my friends and I walked into the classroom. I saw my best friends Jake and Sai, and I told them that I was moving to a different city. We never gave each other our home phone numbers or anything so we could keep in touch, so I knew that our friendship was basically over. I also told all of my other friends, and it was really hard. After school, as I walked home with my brother, it hit me. I stared at the ground the majority of the way home. I didn’t think of how much I just lost. I just lost all of my friends, my school, and I’m going to be losing my house that I love.

I walked through the front door, and I noticed all of the furniture was gone, and there were boxes everywhere. I thought is this really happening? I didn’t want to believe that we were moving, and I wanted to wake up from a bad dream, but I knew that I was already awake. When I was done packing up the stuff in my room, I carried the boxes to my living room, and I set them down on the shaggy gray carpet. “Don’t worry, I bet our new house and city will be even better” my mom said as she carried the boxes into a carrying truck that had just pulled up to the front of my house. I don’t know what I’ll do in a different city I thought over and over again. We finished packing the loading truck, and I took one last look inside of my house. We all got into our white mercury car, and as we drove away, all of my memories came back, but I knew I had to try and let them go.

We arrived at our new house, and it was 2 times the size of my old house! The house is tall, and it’s black and purple. The front of the house had a lot of vines on it which gave it a nice feel to it. I am really nervous about being in a new city with new people, new places, and a new school; I knew it was going to be hard, but I knew that I had to pull through. I stepped into the house. I feel a little relieved of how nice it looks. It also has a lot of more space than our old one story yellow house, and another great thing is that our new house is right next to my parents building that they bought! Maybe moving wasn’t such a bad thing. Before bed, my mom came into my new room and she sat down next to me. “Don’t worry, your new school will be just as good as your last one!” she calmly braided my long blonde hair and tucked me in my new bed with my power puff girls blanket.

The next morning, my brother and I got a ride to our new school. My sister didn’t go to our school, because she was in middle school, so she got dropped off there first. The school didn’t look too scary; it had white bricks on it, and it had a lot of windows in the front that let a lot of light in the classrooms. We walked inside and found our classrooms, and I sat down in my desk. I looked around the room, and I see how nice and bright the room is. When the first school bell rang, my heart was beating fast, and I realized it was time to start the day. I don’t think I’ve ever been so nervous ever in my life before. My palms were sweaty and I could feel my face burning as the first few kids walked in the room. A girl walked in first and sat down next to me. She had long dark brown hair and a friendly smile. We talked about the school, and what we were doing in the class that day. “Today, we are making paper mache volcanoes and making them erupt with some chemicals or something.” She was really nice, and she told me how nice everybody else was too. After school, I thought that my first day at my new school wasn’t bad at all. The kids and teachers there were even nicer than the ones at my old school!

I got picked up from school once the school day was over, and my mom took me home. I went home and explored the rest of the house. This house is so nice, it has 4 floors total, the basement, first floor, second floor, and the attic. My last house only had 2 floors total; I already like this house better! Mom brought us next door to their new building. It was so cool, because they bought a building with a bowling alley and a bar in it. I never imagined my family owning something so neat! I guess that moving wasn’t such a scary and bad thing. The changes are good, even though they are new and different than what I am used to.

Even though my week has been rough with all of the moving, our business getting torn down, and losing all of my friends, I realized that moving wouldn’t change my life in a bad way. It all got gained back in a new city, and starting new is good for everybody. It was a fall day, the wind was blowing, and the leaves were falling. It was hard to be sad on a nice day like this, because every day is a good and new day, even with new faces and challenges that await you.

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