My 3rd Dog

November 5, 2012
By jennifer27 PLATINUM, Sunnyside, Washington
jennifer27 PLATINUM, Sunnyside, Washington
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I remember when I got my 3rd dog. We were in yakima going to Homedepo and my sister Jaretzy wanted a dog, so we went to the humane society of central washington to look at the dogs. We were going to get a chihuahua named Mighty Mouse, but at the end we didn't because we had to come back monday. I was sad, so I started to look up dogs on craigslist and found some chihuahuas' they were selling in yakima.

We went to look at the dogs. They were 3 months old. I like one and it was the only girl puppy. It was light brown, but it was sold already. My dad and I choose a white, black, and light brown chihuahua.

Then we went to Petco to buy him a collar, bed, food, bowls, and a leash. We went home, and I wanted to name him tyson because he reminded me of my friends dog that had died, but it was jaretzy's dog(the 1 year old) so she named him Toto.

Toto slept in my room. He didn't like to sleep in his own bed, nor outside, so he slept in my bed with me. I thought it was kinda cute how he slept in my bed; he would curl up into a small ball and seep close me by my legs, my chest, and some times even on my head.

I would get mad in the morning because he would wake up at 5am and he would want me to play with him. I would put him on the floor. He would start to cry. I would pick him on the bed again, yet he would still keep me up. I liked it how he could be in my bed because my other dogs here too big, and I didn't have them any more.

By Jennifer Garcia

The author's comments:
I'm never going to forget this day. I miss my dog(Toto).

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