October 22, 2012
By , leroy, MI
So one day Brendan and I went for a walk to meet some friends. We took a trail near my house that I thought I knew pretty well, apparently not, we ended up getting lost for a good 4 or 5 hours. The scary part was there was no way to get ahold of anyone because my phone had died. So for 4 hours there were 2 friends and a trail, filling the air with conversation. We talked about stuff that we were going to do after we had graduated high school. I was trying to convince him to do CTC so that he had training, and maybe able to get into a job after high school. He didn’t want to do that.
Something else we talked about, which was weird because I usually don’t like talking about these kinds of things. I asked him what his dad had been up to, because he never talks about it. So he responded with “what’s your mom up to” trying to be rude because he knew what she was up to, she’s in prison. So I said, I’m serious man, what’s up with him, or something like that I can’t remember exactly what I said. He told me he doesn’t know, he never hears from him. He said the last time he seen him was when he took him to McDonalds, at like 12 years old. Something like that. But from there I could tell that Brendan didn’t like that topic. So I changed the subject.
But I guess him being gone this long, and as long as I know he’s gonna be gone, makes me miss him. And makes me wish I would’ve talked about that with him more. Maybe our similar parent situation makes us better friends. But there’s more room to talk to him when he gets back. He’s not gone forever.
I just wish when he was here he would’ve made better decisions, because the decisions he made affected his future for the worst. Maybe when we were able to hangout if I had made better decisions with him, it would’ve influenced his decisions in the future for the better. Looking back I could’ve been a better, more responsible friend. I should’ve hung out with him more outside of school, because maybe he wouldn’t have been hanging out with the people he was so much. Then possibly, he wouldn’t have gotten in trouble for someone else’s stuff.
I just wish he wouldn’t be covering for the person that got him into this mess, I just wish he would be smarter about that kind of stuff. Maybe when he gets out he will be, and hopefully he stops hanging out with those kind of people. So then I can be a better friend to him, I miss my friend.

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