October 22, 2012
By Anonymous


Life can change in a split second and you don’t even realize it. I remember what happened still to this day. My parents couldn’t stop fighting, my brother kept my older sister and I in the backroom. My Brother turned the radio up all the way so I wouldn’t hear my mom and dad yelling at each other. I remember my father was on a medication that made him really moody. He was in a sense, bio-polar.

The fight kept on getting worse and they both started screaming louder. My father was calling my mom nasty names, he wouldn’t stop and I didn’t know why. He kept saying vulgar names, some I had never heard of. It was storming outside, the lightning was getting brighter and faster. Then everything went into slow motion. I walked out to get a drink; I saw the tears running down my mom’s cheeks. My dad was in the bedroom grabbing some of his clothes. When he came out and saw the hurt on my face he couldn’t even look at me, I was the spitting image of my mom. My mom called my brother to come and take me back into the backroom. After we were in the hallway my brother stopped me and my sister came out, and hid with my brother and I. They started yelling again when they thought we were in the bedroom. The last thing I heard my dad tell my mom is that he was done and to tell us kids that he loved us. Then the door slammed shut. I ran back into the room, opened the window and climbed out. I ran after the car, I knew he saw me in the rearview mirror. I was yelling at him “Don’t leave daddy! Mommy loves you!” I know he heard me because the windows were down. I ran after him until he was gone. He just kept on driving until he was out of sight.

The whole week at school was hard for me. I didn’t turn in any work. I just sat sulking. My science teacher sent me to the transition room since I didn’t do my work. I just sat there staring into space just wondering why my dad, my hero, my best friend, left my mom. I didn’t know until after that my dad had gone home while us kids were at school to tell my mom that he wanted a divorce and that on Friday he would come and they could tell us after we were out of school for the weekend. When Friday came around I didn’t know that my life could change forever. It was late and I was starting to get ready for bed when I saw a car pull into our driveway. I didn’t care who it was. That’s what happened I just stopped caring because my heart had been torn along with my mom’s. My sister and my brother came into my room. They told me that dad was home. I wanted to cry and go hurt him like he hurt my mom. We went out into the living room and my mom told us kids to sit on the couch. My dad was standing in the kitchen. When we heard the news my dad wanted a divorce we all started crying. My sister was crying more than my brother and I. It was strange because I didn’t feel the urge to cry. I was just empty inside. I had no more tears left. My mom told us that we would go to my dad’s in the summer, he was planning on moving back to Texas, we would take a train there and back. I couldn’t think, I was too devastated.

Every day that I went to school my friends started leaving me at lunch because they didn’t want to talk to me. Some friends stayed, my true friends. I was a wreck. Whenever my mom asked how school was I would just tell her “Fine mom. Same crap different day” I know it hurt her too, my grades were suffering drastically. The reason I didn’t do homework anymore was because it reminded me of my dad. My brother tried to help me with school. I would always tell him I would do it later, I never did. My sister told me that I need to do it for mom and dad. I told her “I’ll do it for mom and mom only. But I am not doing anything until dad apologizes to mom for what he said.” I was a little thick headed, but I had a good reason.

In those three months my life was living hell. I couldn’t barley eat or sleep. I would have nightmares about my dad leaving. I screamed daddy in my sleep. Only my brother, my sister, or my mom came to my rescue. Not my dad. After those three months were up my dad finally got off that medication. I didn’t know it but every day he came out to the house to ask my mom how us kids were and how we were doing in school. After two more months of not having my dad around he came back home. I wouldn’t kiss him goodnight or say anything to him. It was hard to look at the man I once thought of as my hero who called my mom all those names. That’s when I learned that medications can change people in a heartbeat. And everything can be broken including your heart. He was the first man to break my heart, and I know he didn’t mean to, but he won’t be the last. My parents are still married and going strong. But one good thing that I did learn is that Love can and will overcome anything.

The author's comments:
This is about my father and my family.

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