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October 23, 2012
By TriforceOfPower BRONZE, Leroy, Michigan
TriforceOfPower BRONZE, Leroy, Michigan
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Homeschooling is, or was, a completely different way of life. Now slow down, before you think about that statement to hard, there are several types of homeschoolers. There are those real weird ones, the ones who make their own bread, clothes and soap. There are also the ones who just use homeschooling as an n excuse to do literally nothing all day. But then there’s me. The relatively normal kind (if I say so myself). Didn’t make my own clothes. Slept in and still did school. I also rarely changed out of pajamas. Yep, that sounds about right.

Have you ever thought about public school from a different point of you? It can be a pretty intimidating idea. Lots of kids, nothing like me, conversing, learning and just plain living life. Every action you make is one way or another dictated by them. Who knows if you’ll end up in the right group. The right crowd. Who’s to say you even get that far? Now imagine being thrown into all of this.

All summer I knew the first day of “real” school was coming fast. I woke up at the unnatural hour of 5:50. Almost 6 hours before I usually do. I expected that awful felling throughout my whole body. Surprisingly I was un-naturally calm. As if this was all natural. Walking into first hour I was incredibly relieved we had assigned seats. I was saved the horror of finding a seat next to a complete stranger. The unknown scared me. Were these people nice? Rejecting? Eventually we got to know each other and it was all right.

It certainly helped a ton being a teacher’s kid. Especially a well-liked teacher. I find it entertaining to have fellow classmates comment on how much I sound like my Dad. Or even ask if I’ll be a teacher (which I plan to be). School can also inspire new ways of life. The first couple of weeks, I noticed a change. This confidence with everything I did. Maybe it was being with people my age or the fact we all have the same problems now.

I don’t exactly remember making the conscious decision to join in on public schooling. I just had the idea to join in to experience it for myself. Did kids really hate this place? How can there be that much drama? Some people might argue why I would want to leave the comforts of my own home. Sleeping in. No pressure. All I can say is this, it was getting really old. Real fast.

So far school has been real good to me. I’m even starting to remember names now. From no structure, to nothing but structure, it went pretty well actually. It was exactly what I needed. Teachers are great and students were and still welcoming. All I can say is that I love it here.

The author's comments:
This memoir was written as a part of my English class. Don't think many people write about homeschooling and public schooling.

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