Greatest Dirt Bike Race

October 23, 2012
By brandon23 BRONZE, Leroy, Michigan
brandon23 BRONZE, Leroy, Michigan
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Greatest Dirt Bike Race

Kingsley dirt bike track August 5, 2003; the greatest dirt bike race of my life. First, I put my helmet on. Then my gloves. Next my dad starts my bike; my hands start shaking and I can’t stop fidgeting.

I get there early in the morning so I have time to walk the track to see what the track looks like. The dirt was very wet so there wouldn’t be a lot of dust throughout the day. Whenever I walk the track I always imagine how I need to ride to win. We walk off the track and I can hear the bikes starting up getting ready to practice. I could smell the smoke coming out of the exhaust and the gas being poured into the bikes. The day started to get hotter and hotter. I was getting closer and closer to my race and getting more excited as it comes closer. I went up by the concessions on the top of the hill to watch Kelly Smith. Kelly Smith was easily the fastest rider there, he even went to ford field to race the pros and he did good against them. He ended up blowing everyone away at Kingsley. But now it was my time to race.

I went to the trailer to get my bike and went to the starting line. I lined up behind the gate and my heart started beating as fast as a cheetah. I looked up and the light just turned green, so I looked back down towards the gate and started revving my bike, getting ready to take off. The gate dropped and we took off into the first corner. I was behind the fastest kid for some time, but we were battling the whole race. I had one of the fastest bikes out there. But the girl had a Cobra, one of the fastest 50cc bikes made, and she knew how to ride.

There was one lap left and she was still ahead, but not by much. I caught up to her by the second to last corner. We raced into the last corner and she was leading. I rode into the corner hard, slammed on the brakes, knocking the girl right off her bike. I felt bad, but then I felt great when I was taking home the trophy. Then I got a championship trophy, for winning all of my races that season. It’s still taller than me! I still remember that day like it was yesterday.

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