My Passion

October 22, 2012
By Anonymous

My Passion
My passion for horses can never change as the years go by. I look into their eyes and I see myself. I feel their breath hit against my skin and I’m warm. And as my hand brushes their fur instantly I’m home. There’s something about them that I adore. The way their mane tickles my fingers as I ride, the way they prance around my heart. I treasure the memories horses give my more than a moment I share with a friend. They give me a sense of happiness and joy every day, which is something I can’t live without.
My horse, Talan, is a big, black, gorgeous Friesian with a very kind heart and during the 2012 Cadillac Fair, he gave me something I can never forget.
As I walked through the dusty barn with his food dish in my hand, I found his beautiful, chocolate eyes staring at me. Closing the distance between us, I got closer and closer to his gate. I tried unlatching the rusty handle but it wouldn’t budge. Talan became very impatient; he started to nudge me with the tip of his muzzle.
“Talan, stop it,” I said with a playful voice. He looked at me for a moment then continued to nudge me each time a little harder than the last.
Finally, the handle broke free from its place. I took the dish into the corner and as I turned around I found his face right in front of mine. I gave him a slight kiss under his eye and whispered “I love you,” with a slight pause before I walked away. Brushing his fur as I left I grabbed his water bucket and walked outside. It was a cool night with the moon and stars lighting up the dark sky. As I walked back into the barn I began to laugh. With no surprise, his dish empty and lying in front of the gate. I picked up the dish and began walking to the door. Standing in the doorway I said “good night Talan,” loud enough for the entire barn to hear. Instantly he calls back to me. My heart sank and I began getting a huge lump in the back of my throat. Tears started to fall from my face as I realize that he loves me just as much as I love him. Those are the moments that I keep close to my heart. My love for horses will never die as I dissolve into the normal day life of an average young adult.

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