Sport vs. Sister

October 22, 2012
Spring time = softball time. The first week of the season was underway. It was Friday, the day everyone loves, but to softball players, it was cut day. Brooke and I were in the middle of a hitting station when Mumby came up to us, and said, “Don’t let this come between you two.” My heart dropped. I was so scared as to what she was going to say. Brooke was expected to be up on Varsity and I was supposed to be a key player on the JV team. So, I was expecting her to say Brooke was on the Varsity squad. She looked at us and pointed to me, and said, “You’re on Varsity.” Then walked away. Brooke’s face was like reading a book. She was devastated. All of her hard work seemed to not matter anymore.

I didn’t deserve this. I didn’t work nearly as hard as she had. I wasn’t even going to play the sport, and I was being rewarded. For what? I did nothing.

Our relationship went down the drain. We didn’t talk for days. I never wanted any of this to happen. Being on the team didn’t even matter; all I wanted was my sister back.

I don’t ever want something like that to happen again. It was so hard to get through and I don’t know if I could do it again. Brooke is my best friend. Without her, I wouldn’t know what to do. She gets me through a lot. She keeps me sane, and wipes my tears. I love her so much, I just hope she knows that.

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