October 22, 2012
By Anonymous

This year my sister and I are going in on a gift together for my parents. The other day I stopped at my sister’s place of work. I had a great idea for a gift.

My sister and I talked.
That’s something I have been able to say for almost two years.

It was a normal day just like any other. Doing the same routines, the same everything. When the day was just about over, I was watching TV and relaxing; minding my own.

While my sister was living at home, my parents and Cassandra’s relationship was a bit rocky at times. Never anything out of the ordinary though.

My sister and my mother were bickering in the kitchen, no different than any other time. This time the bickering gets louder and louder. I turn up the volume on the TV.

Next thing I know my name is yelled in the argument. I tune out the TV, still watching; not listening, but listening to my mother and Cassandra.

After a while my sister just walked away, she stopped at the stairs. She turns around and starts yelling at me. All I could think at that moment was, what did I do wrong?

Tears filled my eyes. I despised being yelled at, for any reason. Especially when I haven’t done anything wrong. What did I do wrong? Her word filled my head. I was drowning in them. I’m still drowning in them.

Her piercing words, her pointing fingers, her sudden impulse to hit me…
What did I do wrong?!
Cassandra and I have been in raw fights from time to time growing up. But this, this was different, something about that moment, the sting of her hand, the burning red mark a crossed my face. It set me over the edge. A little part of shattered, like as broken mirror.
As tears poured from my eyes, she stormed put and left. My mom standing there confused. She didn’t stop my sister because she’s a strong believer in letting out your feelings. She didn’t expect it to that far.

After it all I was numb. I was completely un aware of what just had happened. It all happened so fast, it kept repeating in my head as if a broken record was trying to play a song. I was trying to put the pieces over what just occurred and why.

After that everything changed.
My sister and I are six years apart. Growing up that has always been a huge difference. Different era, different likes and interests. Two vastly different worlds in our own minds. Which in most cases leads to fights. Yet, what siblings don’t right?
Everyone has that special someone they can go to for help. When they need that shoulder to cry on, the ear they need to whisper too. No matter who it is, a friend, a cousin, a sibling. Although for me it hasn’t always been that easy.
In my house-hold family is that one thing you’ll always have no matter what. It’s the closest thing to your heart. If you lose it you have nothing.
Every family has their moments. Their points of weakness, in which they always conquer through the bad times. It’s in those moments where you get stronger. The bonds as a family strengthen, and everything falls into place; where it belongs.

Two years ago my sister and I’s relationship changed forever.

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