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October 7, 2012
By MsSarahRose BRONZE, Jos, Other
MsSarahRose BRONZE, Jos, Other
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Life should be a little nuts.. or else its just a bunch of thursdays strung together.

I wake. I blink once, twice, nothing. There is nothing but murky darkness. The air is damp and cool but I am safe under thick blankets. I reach over and pull the slight curtains over to one side and moonlight spills into the room; it turns the china white walls into a flushed, eerie barrier. The strange trees flap their leaves together outside and make the most familiar noise. Rain tap taps out its rhythms on the tin roof, sending all across the city into a vast sleep with its lullabies. Even my eyes waver between opened and closed at the serene atmosphere around me. I look up at the sky through a thin layer of mesh over my window and scan the heavens. Tonight they are as a wondrous navy expanse with distinct shining complements of light. Like a dark canvas with punctures all throughout, and I focus in on a lone star. This star is different than any of the other stars. It is brighter, bigger, and superior than all the others, yet more alone than any of them. Maybe it is a planet? I want to go to it. I will discover that bright star because I feel as if we are kindred spirits and because I want to be someone that is heard of. No matter how selfish it is we all have to admit it’s what we want. I want to have my name written in a book for everyone to see. Children will sit in their classrooms and read my name because I want to be more than just a match in the lights of the universe. I want to shine; maybe even a glow will suffice. An instinctive, altruistic yawn brings my head out of the expanse and back down to the earth. Because for now, I will lie in my bed. I will blink once, twice, and fall asleep.

The author's comments:
Just the typical waking up at midnight situation for me and the thoughts I experience.

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