Confesions Of A Shopaholic

October 5, 2012
By allieb123 BRONZE, Omaha, Nebraska
allieb123 BRONZE, Omaha, Nebraska
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Confessions of a Shopaholic

You know that felling you get when you really like a boy? How you get butterflies in your stomach and whenever you see him all you can do is smile? That’s the feeling I get when I shop. Hello, my name is Allie Barnhart, and I am a shopaholic. Some people might be addicted to drugs or alcohol, well clothes are like what alchohol is to alchoholics.

Now before you get really worried let me tell you this, I don’t have an extreme case of this “disease”, but I have a mild case. No I haven’t had to go to any of those support groups for this, but my mom will probably send me to one if it get worse. I don’t go shopping 24/7 like most shopaholic, I would though if I had a car, had unlimited money, and didn’t have school.

Now this disorder started a while back and has progresses though out the years. Here’s how it started . . . . . .

I never had this problem until I started shopping at malls in the 5th grade. I started out shopping at places like Justice and Limited Too then growing older I went to stores such as Areopostale and Delia’s. Now I shop at stores like Hollister, Scout, and my all time favorite store, Forever 21. I also don’t just limit myself to stores in the mall now. I also shop online. My favorite stores online are Hautelook, 6pm, Coastal, UrbanOutfitters, Sephora, and many more.

When I shop either online or in stores I don’t just buy clothes, I also buy things like jewelry, bags, shoes, perfume, makeup, lotions, and etc. If I like something I buy it. The one thing that I love the most when I shop is the smell of stores and the clothes in them. It’s like that “new car” smell. Each store has a specific smell to them. If I really tried I could probably tell what clothes are from what stores my just smelling them.

You’re probably wondering where I get all my money to shop. I don’t just get it handed to me. I save up my money from birthdays, Christmases, mowing, and babysitting. When clothes don’t fit me anymore or I get tired of them I usually pass them down to my little sister or donate them to the salvation army.

I love to shop. That’s one thing that will never change about me. I shop because it’s fun. If shopping was a sport I would be really good at it. Shopping brings me joy and make me feel good about myself. Clothes help me show people my personality. Shopping also brings girls together. There is no drama involved in shopping, unless two people want the same thing. For me shopping is like therapy, but instead of spending my money on a therapist I spend it on clothes, and other things. In a way I’m doing everyone a favor by shopping. I am boosting the economy. The more I shop, the ore money the stores make. The more money the stores make, the more people they can hire and so on. You’re welcome. Shopping is an art form. You have to know what’s in style and whether something looks good on you or not. You also have to know when things are on sale so you can get things for the best price. These skills that I contain have been developing for many years. These skills that I have can help me later in life. One of the jobs I want to have when I grow up is a personal shopper. For me this job would be a dream come true. I would get paid to do something that I love. Stores would be my office and the salesclerks are my employees. The only downfall to this job is that I wouldn’t be able to keep the things that I buy. Everyone has an addiction. Mine is shopping.

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