The Sleepover

October 4, 2012
By Gamerkin BRONZE, Moberly, Missouri
Gamerkin BRONZE, Moberly, Missouri
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The Sleepover
By James Baugh
My best friend is funny, hilarious even. He is nice to everyone, unless they do something to him or his friends. He is fun to be with no matter the situation. He is also always a really good friend.
He is still my best friend even though he is still in California. He always will be my best friend because up until I moved he was almost my only friend. When we get together it gets very fun and very loud.
By the way he looks kind of like me with blonde hair but he has brown eyes. He is chubby about my height 5’7” and there is always a smile on his face.
One time he and I had a sleep over at his house. Let me tell you that story.
My dad dropped me off at his house around 1:00 in the afternoon. As I was walking up his porch I was very excited because this was our first sleepover. I rang the doorbell 3 or 4 times and waited, wondering how they hadn’t heard my dad’s truck pull up. But that thought faded when he opened the door. I just wanted to get inside and hang out with Clayton.
When I got inside I was amazed (my first time in his house) it was actually pretty big even though it didn’t look that way from outside. He told me to put my stuff in his room. It seemed small compared to the living room. When I got back into the living room I got to see how it actually wasn’t that tall. The wall throughout the house (except in the bedrooms) was a bland white or beige color.
I saw his mom and dad and said “Hi, how are you guys?”
To which they both replied “Good and you?”
“Good” and I meant it.
Now I started to talk to Clayton “Hey Clayton what are you doing?” (He was on the computer)
“Just playing WoW” (that’s World of Warcraft)
“Cool can I try?”
“You’ve haven’t played before?”
“No I haven’t, I thought it cost money.”
“It used to now you can play for free up to level 20”
“Awesome so can I play?”
“Maybe tomorrow you can.”
“Oh, okay.” Then I thought about something, “Hey Clayton isn’t there a tennis court down the street?”
“Yes and a playground, so what?”
“Well we can go play tennis can’t we?”
“Yeah, let me get the rackets and the tennis balls.”
So we went to the tennis court. We played for about 10 minutes, but after losing 1 ball and almost 2 more we decided to get dizzy on the tire swing in the playground. Well after about 5 minutes of continuous spinning I said “It’s my turn.” Well I almost fell off trying to get off of it. Then I almost got sick in the grass near the playground. At that time we decided that we should get back to his house.
Once back at his house we played video games. At 6:00 his mom called us for dinner and asked “What types of pizzas do you want?” both me and Clayton said “Pepperoni!”
His younger sister said “Cheese!”
I thought that we would have to settle for cheese but his mom just said “Okay” and walked out the door. So Clayton and I sat down on the couch and watched cartoon network until his mom got home. When she did get home, I found out that she had just gotten a half cheese and half pepperoni pizza.
After we ate me and Clayton went to his room to play videogames. At first we played Assassin’s Creed: Revelations. But we soon figured out that multiplayer in story mode sucks. So we decided to play Marvel vs. Capcom 3. That is pretty much what we did until the next day, well that’s all we did the next day as well. Until my dad picked me up to go home.
The day before I left I called Clayton to say good bye
“Hey this is James Baugh.” (They don’t pick up, they wait to see who is calling)
“Hey James when are you moving again? I keep forgetting.”
“Oh, that sucks.”
“I know I just called to say goodbye.”
“Oh, well bye call me while you’re there.”
“I’ve got an idea why don’t you come out and visit over summer vacation?”
“That’s a great idea I’ll try to convince my parents to let me go.”
“You do that I’ll talk to my dad.”
“Ok, bye.”
Well that trip didn’t happen.
You probably want know how I felt about moving. The thing is I was torn. I hated my school so I wanted to leave but I also hated to leave my best friend so I didn’t want to leave. It was very confusing. Now after I’ve moved I still call him to see what’s up in his life. I do miss my best friend and won’t forget all the good times I had with him.

The author's comments:
i hope people see that no matter how far away from a best friend you are you never forget them.

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