If all cats were like Jitters

October 4, 2012
By Mmerseal17 BRONZE, Moberly, Missouri
Mmerseal17 BRONZE, Moberly, Missouri
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If only all cats were like Jitters.

One day I was playing house with my long-time best friend, Olivia, in the field behind my trailer, the field was a bright green, with the smell of honey dew, from the garden in the air, when we heard a soft mewing. We both loved animals and we both wanted a kitten badly, so, we started searching for the source of the mewing, we soon found it, and it came from a pile of tree branches, glass, and metal. We didn’t understand why an animal would be in such an odd place, but we started for the brush pile when a small, little kitten came stumbling out, this kitten fit in the palm of my hand. The kitten was only about five, to six weeks old, it was black with a few patches of a golden yellow, with white tipped paws, half of its face was a yellow and orange, and it had bright golden brown eyes almost, yellow. This drew me closer to the kitten, due to the fact that I love masks, and yellow eyes. I couldn’t believe that there was no other cat around watching it; it made me feel that I had a duty to care for this young abandoned creature. Olivia thought it was so cute and we were playing with it in the soft grass with a stick, when Olivia said, “Let’s see if my mom will let me have the kitten, she just loves kittens you know Mary?” Of course my friend wanted the kitten, and I knew two things, one, was she would throw a fit if we didn’t go to her mom first, I mean she was younger than me, and secondly, my mom wouldn’t let me have it unless Olivia’s mom said no.
So we asked her mom and she said, “No Olivia you know that we already have a dog, a cat and we are getting two husky puppies.”
So when we asked my mom, my mom said, “yes, but only if the owner doesn’t come look for it in two weeks.”
With that being said, I took the kitten in and put it in a cage until we saw how it affected my mom’s cat, That There, who is a picky little brat. My mom’s cat was acting odd around the caged kitten, she was rubbing up against it and trying to get in through the holes, so I took the kitten out and put it in my red blanket covered lap. My mom’s cat started licking the kitten and afterward curled up with it, which made me feel better about bringing the kitten to my family. Later that day we went to buy formula for this kitten. While we fed her we decided to name her Jitters, reason being that Jitters wouldn’t let anyone hold her except me, and she was always watching over her shoulder and staying in the shadows. This kitten had decided who it wanted to care for it, although my mom had yet to perceive this.

After two weeks of agonizing waiting, no one claimed the kitten which made me very happy, because this cat had grown close to my heart. This kitten checked on me if I cried, it was pushy when it wanted attention, Jitters would put her paw up and pat your leg if she wanted attention like. One day she kept sniffing the milk I was drinking, and would look at me, so I figured she was hungry. When I came back, Jitters was waiting patiently, but when I went to give her the formula she would turn her head from side to side. So I figured something was wrong with the formula. So I decided to taste it and see if it was ok or not, trust me when I say this, it was horrible. So I took a different bowl and put real milk in it and Jitters drank all of it within 10 minutes.
Jitters had some odd differences that most cats don’t have, for one she thought she was a dog; she wagged her tail and dragged dog toys, from my step dad’s old dog, Gulliver, from room to room. Secondly, after she warmed up to my mom, she started running from one end of the house to the next, but every once and a while she was be in the middle of running she would drop to a deep sleep. So we figured that as strange as she already was that maybe she had sleep apnea. At first jitters didn’t meow or hiss, soon she figured out to meow but kept to herself, unless she wanted in a room or to be fed. This lasted until she learned how to hiss, then every time you pet her or scared her it was hiss, hiss and yes more hissing, but that lasted only about a month. There is her great up-side that makes up for her odd behavior, is that I trained her so that when you say bedtime she runs in, jumps on the bed and goes to sleep, until you fall asleep and then she leaves and does whatever she does at night. We also realized that she adapted to living indoors, when it was summer she would keep her coat full, because it was cold indoors, and at winter she would shed her coat because it would be warm indoors.

Jitters is a very independent cat now that she has been with us for over three years. She defends herself against my moms’ cat. She knows to avoid her if she is being loved on by my mom. She also waits for me on the TV stand by the door, till I come in and sit my stuff down then she watches me with her big beautiful eyes and I know what to do then. I stand up walk over to the TV stand and she puts her front paws on my chest, rubs her head on me as I pet and gives her loving. She will sit in front of the TV screen until you say, “Do you mind moving Jitters.” Then she jumps down. The best part is she watches TV with me, she especially likes Tosh.o! Jitters knows how to make a small bed out of a curtain for when she lies in the window, this aggravates my mom though. Jitters doesn’t jump very much either, the highest she jumps is about waist high, so about two feet up. Just the other day I was telling her to get up off my blanket and her screeching an awful ear splitting cry. I yelled, “Jitters Marie Merseal, you do not back sass me young lady.” With a laughing tone.
Jitters turned three on July 15th of 2012(to my family at least because that was when we decided that she was part of our family). So now you have it, Jitters, a wonderful pet full of love, caring and a laugh every once and a while. Jitters’ my baby. I am not a full on cat lady but if all cats were like jitters I would be.

The author's comments:
This piece is about my cat who is very special to me.

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