Imperfection is Beauty

October 17, 2012
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The alarm goes off at 5:15am as usual, I quickly turn it off, realizing I don't have to get up for another 45 minutes. I sleep until my mother noisily,enters my room,blinding my eyes by turning on the light while very loudly telling me to get up.Angered, I pull my blankets over my face as to try and block the light from my eyes, in the hope of gaining a couple more minutes of sleep. Being aware that at some point I have to get up I look at the clock;5:45am. Still tired from the day before, I slowly pull myself out of bed and gather my things for my trip to the bathroom.

I go through the usual process of opening the door,turning the light switch and checking the shower to make sure no one is hidden behind the curtain. I begin my usual process of morning tasks. With soap in hand I begin to wash my face, scrubbing away the dreams from the past night. I look into the mirror seeing my reflection, I begin to softly touch my cheeks, and squeezing them firmly between my fingers. While looking at the uneven skin tones and my acne covered forehead, I reach for my coverup as to hide my embarrassment.I unscrew the cap and pour a little on my palm to rub into my skin. Underneath my eyes first,downwards towards my cheeks bones then to my chin to conceal a scratch I had noticed.I fill my palm once again preparing to apply it to my nose and forehead. I stop,taking another glance at my reflection.

Even with the makeup I am still able to see the past acne scabs on my cheeks and the scratch on my chin.I take a deep breath realizing that my attempt to conceal my flaws failed,feeling an overwhelming burst of emotion I begin to cry.Wondering why I even bother if nothing helps.Grabbing a Kleenex I dab my eyes and cheeks seeing the makeup rub off onto it.I grab more,wetting them and wiping away the rest, I think to myself,"if people don't except me on my worst days,then they don't deserve me on my best." What matters is what I think of myself and that I can except who I am.

I have spent too much time worrying about how my outer appearance is perceived by others that at that moment I had forgotten what's most important. Whether big or small,clear skinned or not,everyone is magnificent in their own unique way. Imperfections are beautiful,embrace them.

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