October 16, 2012
Laughing every day, at lunch, with my favorite people, my friends. Now it’s just a distant memory burned into the back of my brain.

I walked into the cafeteria, sulking with my head, scanning for an empty spot. I find one by the window. It was a dark and gloomy day, just as I was feeling. I opened my lunch pale and began shuffling through it. Then a memory suddenly hits me and I was transferred back to a day when I was with my friends. I was sitting at my regular table with my friends. I was getting frustrated with myself and the pudding I was trying to open.

I complained out loud saying “why can’t I get this stupid thing open?”

Finally Ashley said, “Give it here.”

I sighed giving up and tossed it over to her. Ashley was my lifesaver. When it came to my lack of opening things Ashley was my girl. I swear that anything you put in front of her she could open it.

As quickly as the memory came it left that way too, leaving me feeling sad and alone. I finally put my pudding down. I felt an ach in my heart that slowly spread across my chest. I have a longing to be with them, like I need to be with them.

I looked over at them, a few tables down. All my friends were laughing at some lame thing, like they always do. I don’t know why I torture myself by looking at them. I just wished I was laughing with them.

I have never been friendless. I’ve been through bunches friends, but I’ve never been alone. I have never sat by myself at lunch; I’ve never been partner less during partner working on worksheets.

I wished I had figured out sooner that they weren’t true friends. Maybe it wouldn’t hurt so badly now. I have now learned my lesson. I should be more careful of whom I let in. I shouldn’t trust just anyone, and I should get to know the person better than just assume that they are my real friend.

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