October 15, 2012
By Anonymous

I keep calm as the days go bye.
I keep calm when the girls whisper, and the boys laugh.
I keep calm when my parents fight and my brother screams.
I keep calm when it gets colder and colder.
I keep calm while I grow quieter and quieter.
And the days.
Visions of open skies and cities by the water keep me sane. Memories of airports and waking up alone on a bus as the sun comes up. Mountain tops with views worth dying for. Subway cars and cable cars and our old minivan. Airplane peanuts and diet coke. Badlands and stars and standing in oceans and feeling endless, lasting. Feeling like forever. Strawberry stands on the side of the road. Lighthouses and beach houses and hotels with s’mores.
This is my happiness. This is my peace.
So I keep calm, and draw hot air balloons taking me away.

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