Take Away the You

October 19, 2012
By Anonymous

I try to hold onto everything I have. But its not always easy; my sanity is slipping through my fingers, and my best friends are running away. My favorite things are tearing at the seams. My eyes are falling down to where they cry, my friends are falling apart piece by piece, and our ideas are turning into nothing but hurt. And though its not always easy, sometimes we must put things aside. We must let things be, and we must find what’s worth keeping and must find what’s not. Because sometimes we need to let things go.

Baby you’ve got the sort of hands to rip me apart and baby you’ve got the sort of face to start this old heart…

This morning you texted me and I didn’t know what to say. So all I did was stare blankly at the phone.

Oh but your eyes are warning me this early morning that my loves too big for you, my love…

Your green eyes floating around the room toward me. They take my breath away. You were not what you promised though; you took my heart and put in in a jar on the shelf. You stare at it like it is worthless, worn out and used up. But it is not, it is only hollow and shredded from you. I saw you the other day and you looked at me with forgiveness. But no. You didn’t mean it because all I am to you is the girl that will do anything for your acceptance. Who will say anything for you to say I am yours. Yet no, I want more than that and less of you.
I am a new soul I came into this strange world hoping I could learn a bit on how to give and take…

I heard that you spoke of me the other day. The me that I hate; the me that makes me sick when I look in the mirror. But you spoke of her, you said she would do anything for you and that you could get anything out of her. So I hate to break it to you, but I peeled that face off long ago, and threw it away and I prayed it would never come back, and it won’t. I cannot hold it in anymore. My sweaters are full of secrets of our all night conversations. The shocks that passed through our fingers all the way up our arms when we touched. Now all that we have left are cold memories and broken pieces that fell apart long ago. So maybe if we accept it and let our past pour out of our seams we can find what it all means to us. The winter is on its way and our feelings do nothing but grow colder and heavier to hold.

Blue skies falling quickly out of context…

It’s not that you are a bad person you just don’t understand me. Life’s like partnering in ballet. You must be strong enough to stand without your partner. They are just there in case you fall they, only to keep you secure not to be you barre. They are for holding you in something you can already do. They just make you a little bit taller or a little bit prettier. You did not understand that though so you gripped me and forced me down.

You made me into someone who should not hold a loaded gun, and now you sit upon my chest, knock out my wind knock out my best…

You promised me that you would always be there and I haven’t noticed but I just recently realized that all the people who promised they would always be there for me are doing nothing but leaving me. I can no longer understand why. So I have been left alone with no one to fully understand but now my friends all just love you and I am the only one in the world who knows your real face. For me you put on your real face as I carefully pasted on my second one.

The same old me to the naked eye, but I can’t find myself tonight…

Your name is well known in this dreadful place but the real you is a stranger to all. What hurts the most though is the fact that you are the one who tries to speak and bring it all back when all I want is to forget and for you to go away. So maybe someday love will come around and steal the hearts from the both of us and we will move on and find a new heartbeat to share. But for now I think that all that we can do is take a step back. All I want is a smile or even just eye contact between the two of us. But if that just won’t work then I understand. If that is the case though, then why can’t you just leave my mind, and my heart, and my soul. So I can finally get over you and just let it go.
Maybe someday we can once again be friends, and we can stay that way and not mess it all up. Maybe that that day is today...

Lyrics by- Ingrid Michealson, and Yael Naim

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