October 3, 2012
There’s no date, time, place, or weather that can tell or help visualize the time when I felt like an adult. My mom always said I was born forty and to tell you the truth that’s always exactly how I felt. At the age of seven my parents got divorced but I had been a young adult way before that I remember I used to sit in the corner of my mom’s and dad’s bed and see my mom ironing my dad’s uniform and I would just look at her and know that I needed to take care of her. And I guess that’s when I knew because a year later after I no longer sat on the corner of that bed my parents divorced. And a thought became a fact I had to take care of my mother I had to be there. So I guess the moment that I saw my mom ironing my father’s uniform was the day I grew up. That I realized my days would soon involve greater work than sitting in my green chair watching the Rugrats and eating a pudding cup. I know it may sound stupid what can a seven year old really do I couldn’t pay bills , carry the laundry, do the groceries or understand what was going on but the one thing I could do was give my mom hugs and kisses. And make sure that she never thought or believed she failed as a parent. So now I’m fourteen and I hope and believe that I still offer my mother that same reassurance. The reassurance that she never failed me as a person or parent that I turned out great because even though my parents weren't together I had her to look up too!

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