Not so Sparkly

October 3, 2012
By Meeegan PLATINUM, Henderson, Nevada
Meeegan PLATINUM, Henderson, Nevada
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A herd of teenagers scramble towards the podium the balding announcer was sitting on. Over the deafening rumble of cracking voices, one can sort of hear the announcer say the name of the game. Slowly, as the news settles in, the room quiets clique to clique. The announcer steps down into the crowd of 40. Making his way through, he taps 10 people on their shoulders. When he is done, they make their way to the front of the room. We all stare, memorizing the 10 faces that have become the enemy. At the blow of the whistle, the 30 of us race out into the main building. The game is on….Vampires.

I run through halls of the Green Valley Baptist Church building, jumping over boxes and spinning around chairs. The objective is to find the pieces of the flashlight to kill the 10 “vampires”. Another whistle blows. The “vampires” have been released to try and keep us away from the hidden parts. We now have 30 minutes to put our weapon of choice together and burn the unsparkly fiends of death. With the pressure on, I reach a group of “humans” who have all the parts of our mini sun but one battery that is still incognito.
*Whistle* Only 10 minutes left.

I dive into a storage room full of cracked back braking chairs when I see a “vampire” turning the corner. I hide under the legs of the stacks as I listen to the footsteps as they walk past the door and keep on walking. A couple of minutes pass when I finally start to move and breathe. I slowly get up when my foot slips on something. Glancing down I see the giant D battery lying under my heel. They threw it in here? Really? Is that even fair?

I grab the battery and run out the door. Freeze. Right down the hall is a group of 6 “vampires”. Slowly, they all turn their heads to face me with evil grins splitting their faces, saliva dripping down from their chins and onto the scratchy blue carpet. I run down the hall yelling, “I have the last battery”. I turn the corner to see another a group of humans running from the other 4 “vampires”. They have the flashlight. I spot my sister Ashley in the crowd and scream her name. In slow motion she twirls around and I toss the battery over 15 heads underhanded. It was quite impressive. She misses the catch. Luckily, even if Ashley doesn’t have any athletic ability, her friend Bethany does. Bethany leaps up behind Ashley and catches the battery midflight. She hands it to John #2 standing next to her. He quickly, and clumsily, puts the battery into the flashlight as the people around us, including me, die. With a smirk, he turns on the flashlight and wields it like a light saber with sound effects. He kills the 4 vampires closest to them, and then proceeds to take off running for the other 6. He finishes with one clean swoop.

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