Love Letter for Aiden

September 25, 2012
By , towcester, AR
To my dearest lover, Aiden,

I've always heard that this guy named Aiden should love me, because that IS the Christian way to do things, Christians just don't know it yet. c; Your face is flawless. The body of hair you possess is so unique, and it will always work with your face, because anything would work with your face. Even if you had my huge nose, your face would still look flawless, I swear it's true. Your eyes are as blue as the sea, and that color is rarely ever replicated, it's yet another thing to love about you.

Aiden, you make me happy ( ^ - ^ ), but when you leave, you make me sad (- n ,-). You're an amazing best friend, truly, and I'm so very glad I met you when you read my if you read this we're dating pulse. It's so inconvenient to meet someone like you so far away. Hopefully, if I move again, we could maybe live near each other. Wouldn't that be dandy? You're sweeter than numerous pounds of Sugar, and you're yummier too, ha ha. You make me laugh, especially when I'm irritated, and that's strange to find in someone you've known for such little time.

If you were a hug, I'd make everyone hug everyone, so they could experience how truly amazing you are, and if you were a clown, no one would ever fear clowns again, even me. If you were a skyscraper, I'd trust that I wouldn't fall off. Even though you are a clown, hug, nor a skyscraper, if you were here, I wouldn't be afraid to walk up to a clown, nor to go onto a skyscraper, and trust me, you'd receive a gazillion hugs.

I have to continue my shower, so I'll end here, and come back, and start a new paragraph.

I feel as if we're playing lead roles in one of those classic, devastating stories, 2 people who have their mind set on being together, with obstacles in the way, in our case distance, and maybe even ourselves in someways, sadly. Either way, those love stories don't always end bad, and they always make an impact, any kind of relationship we may obtain, rather it be friendship forever, or maybe in the far or near future, a love-relationship, I know that just by knowing you, my life has changed. For the better, of course. I can't say I will ever regret meeting you, no matter what comes our way in our relationship, and it is truly an honor to know you.

I don't know you as well as I'd like, such as your basic information so I can stalk you, not like that, more like your height etc etc. I think anyone who dates you is truly lucky, you're like the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow, anyone who finds you is a lucky bastard, anyone who keeps you is rich in love, and wealth of happiness.

I'm failing at this, so goodbye.

Yours Truly,

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