What is a Neighborhood?

September 25, 2012
What is a neighborhood? Most people say it is just an area where people live. It is more than that. There are multiple meanings for the word neighborhood. The first and most notable meaning is where a small group of homes within a certain vicinity of one another. Another way to describe it is an area surrounding an institution used by residents of the area, such as a recreation center, schools, and parks. All in all neighborhoods are unique in their own way, and have ways to attract people to reside there.

Where I live, is a typical suburb neighborhood in New York State. Friendly neighbors, dogs barking, kids playing running down the streets. It is a good environment, but there is just something different and special about my neighborhood that brings a warm feeling to me. Ten years and two months ago today was the day we moved to my neighborhood. My parents had our house built in a beautiful residential area. The surrounding homes were beautiful. The streets weren’t filled with noisy traffic, there weren’t weird and questionable people walking down our streets. It was a good place to live. Writing this paper is making me think back to all the great memories my neighborhood brought.

As a young boy around the age of probably ten I used to play outside all the time. It was awesome living in a neighborhood surrounded by many younger families that had children my age. We used to play jailbreak, “hot Box”, kickball, and so many more games its hard to remember. We used to run through all of our neighbor’s lawns, roll around and have a great time without having rotten neighbors ruin our activities. I recall all of my friends that lived in my neighborhood riding the bus together everyday after school rushing through our homework just so we can play outside. We weren’t like the typical children whom like to sit and play video games all day. We had more fun with each other. Probably the most important thing I love and also my parents and neighbors love is how safe our neighborhood is. Us as little nine, ten and eleven year olds were able to run around our street without parental supervision. We always tended to have more fun without our parents around us.

The scenery in my neighborhood makes it unique. A unique neighborhood must have something that just makes a far cry from every other one. I love driving home from school each day looking at the ravishing colors of the leaves on the trees surrounding the yards. The colors on the trees bring that warm sensation to my body. At night its perfect not having street lights surrounding my neighborhood. I’m able to just sit on my back deck and gaze in to the stars jumping across the sky. You honestly cannot beat the softening sounds of the insects conversing with on an other on a crystal clear night.

My favorite thing about my neighborhood is the annual block party we have. It is a huge event that is put on by everyone in our neighborhood. I picture it as a huge fair, kids screaming, sweating in the blistering heat, the smell of fresh food off the grill. It’s just an awesome time. It’s a time where everyone is bonding not only the kids. Generations of different families come together and have a great time.

Neighborhoods are all different; they come in all different styles, areas, and locations. They all have something that makes them unique in their own way. Like mine having close families and friends, or like someone else’s, theirs could be stricter and kids couldn’t run around people’s yards. One thing they all have in common is people live there with their families.

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