When in Georgia

September 20, 2012
By Anonymous

It was a hot, humid day in the mountains of Georgia where the relentless breezes did not help. I was at my cousins wedding, the first one I have ever attended. They do things differently down in the cascading Blue Ridge Mountains of northern Georgia. It’s not like all of the weddings you see in movies or on TV, it did not live up to my expectations of a hour long ceremony followed by a social reception filled with large amounts of delicious food and a band playing on an adjacent stage. But then again that isn’t how weddings are done down there. Instead, the ceremony was finished up in about fifteen minutes followed by a reception without a dance and encompassing only appetizers. I hardly finished my huge piece of delicious wedding cake before being rushed out of the reception hall by my cousin’s new mother-in-law in order to give the newlywed’s time to themselves. But through my entire over dramatic expenditures I saw my cousin happier than he had ever been in a long time, with this wonderful person whom, after only meeting a few times, had gotten close to our entire family. I was happy that he was happy.

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Wedding In georgia

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