My Baby Doll

September 20, 2012
By taybradshaw BRONZE, Yorktown, Virginia
taybradshaw BRONZE, Yorktown, Virginia
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“Gosh, dad this is taking forever, I just want to see her! I just want to be an aunt already! I’m so sleepy and I just want to go and see her. Come out already Mackenzie.” It is so hard to believe it was already 8 years ago. I was six and you weren’t even a day old. I remember my pink plaid dress and my dark brown hair, all messed up because of the excessive waiting. At the time, all I still wanted to be was the baby in the family but I knew the instant you were born all the attention would not be on me; but you. The instant I saw you though I changed my mind and realized you were a perfect baby and I loved holding you. You were so tiny then being less than 7 pounds in all. You could fit perfectly in my little kid arms. Your white blanket wrapped tightly around you, and your tiny white hat covering your small; fuzzy ears. You will never remember that like I do.

The years have flown by as quickly as the hurricane winds you were born during. You will never remember how I would tell you that your eyes were sky blue because of mine, how you used to cuss and not know what it meant, or even our matching “My Mom Rocks Shirts”. I would even twirl like a tornado in a little fluffy tutu. I would do that until you would smile and tears would pour out of your eyes. I used to even treat you like my own precious baby doll, trying to feed and change your diapers, even though I was only a baby then too. We’re both growing older and I hope one day you will appreciate all the times we argue but especially all the times we laugh and smile. We’re closer now than ever and almost like sisters. In the end, I hope you always remember and never forget how much you mean to me and how much I love you.

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