Wear My Words!

September 17, 2012
By Anonymous

Wear my words! Perhaps on a cheese-y t-shirt from K-Mart. My words are not prophetic. They aren't different. Maybe I'll just say something stupid, they'll take a picture of my face and stick it on a purple cotton shirt and sell it at a ridiculous price and people will think "what a great price for such wise words." What a crime! Selling expensive bull-shenanigans! That's all it is these days. B.S.! Y.O.L.O., that other stuff non-educated children are saying. What a pity. All of them. But yeah. Hey! They could take these words! T-shirts! posters! Maybe even a cheap trucker hat! How special would I be? I could even write a book! It'd never be published though. These words/thoughts/writings I say are all ramblings. Who would buy and wear that? Maybe a hobo without andy decent clothing. I am Jack's self-pity.

The author's comments:
Fight club is awesome.

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