Their Power Stands Strong

September 15, 2012
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And so, I stand here amongst golden sand and gentle sea, who would have known that the soft crashing waves could cause such devastation and destruction?
There breeze is gentle on my back, the sunshines...hope.

I dare not turn around, as to see the new mountains, made of man's dreams, and man's home, in piles high rising to the sky. All the plains of green are now brown and they have been unchanged since the day...

a path has been cleared, with wall of rubble parted like the red sea. A child's doll, laying at the bottom of the heap, made from fine crafted porcelain with the paint peeling off, I dare to think what happened to the girl who owned the little doll, all I can do is pick the doll up carefully not to break it further, and let out a sympathetic sigh. I feel so useless.

How long will it be? How much time must pass? until these place prospers again, not long it seems as a few minutes away thrives a village, risen from the rubble and sand, there unity stands strong and high, there honer-ability paints the walls rich jade green, there kindness gives them all shelter from harm, and there vigilance stand proud as the gate to the village, taller than any man and proud as a nation.

The people in this village are not rich with gold or clothed in fine silk and satin. they are poor and weir stain covered rags, they work every day to restore their village and clear the rubble, they do not wallow in grief for the dead or despair for hope, they praise they are alive and they take their lives into their own hands to shape and restore. They still mourn for the lost the mountains and fields are covered with either rice patty, or with gravestones, they respect the dead, and yet they still praise their ancestors for the life they have.

Such richness, such joy. This village is not grand and spectacular because of its gold and rare materials, it is grand, as it has risen against all odds, and it is spectacular as every person is linked together in radiant harmony and peace. The waves will not crush their pride, the earth quaking will not shake the foundations of their unity.

This country is strong because of its people, not its buildings, technologies or weaponry. it is great because the people are rich in life and energy, they uphold there honour, they hold their integrity, they respect their dead and give praise to their life, their pride is great and powerful, their Noble hearts still shine strong.
they survived many Wars, Recession, Earthquakes, they survived the Tsunami and will continue to survive for ever more.

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