Judging Will Get You Nowhere

September 13, 2012
By Anonymous

“Mommy is my daddy going to go to my student of the month reception today?” Jenny, my annoying baby sister, kept on constantly shouting in her squeaky mouse voice. Why would she ask that question if she already knew the official answer was a no? I really don’t think it is necessary for her to bother my poor mother every tiring morning. Yet again, she is your typical third grader, and she still has a mindset of a being the annoying sister of the family. “Please pretty please mommy, say yes,” her two tiny Dora feet could hardly stand the weight of her Dora book bag. She keep jumping up and down like a swarm of mini fleas jumping in a trampoline. I could already see my mom’s underwear as Jenny persistently kept tugging on my mom’s pink floral knee length skirt. I wasn’t grossed out since I was used to the Jenny’s case two hundred of the missing dad at her ceremony. It was occurring once again for the millionth time of my life.

“Jenny stop. Please calm down,” my mother cried. You know your dad is always working and can’t make it today. My mom quietly whispered in her level one voice. Suddenly the atmosphere felt completely different. Different like chocolate is completely different from vanilla or different like dogs and cats. Jenny stood with both hands on her side like a straight soldier during checkup. She stared at her shiny black shoes and said your right mommy. It was at that moment that my mind would of process, “ugh, do I really have to go through this every day?” This time the tables turned, and my heart spoke to me. I dropped with sudden ease in my bed. How can my baby sister be so accustomed to my dad being this far apart from us? I instantly felt myself confused, sad, a feeling of vomit stuck in my throat not wanting to leave0, but tears did. I, like all my sisters and brother, wanted our daddy to be with us in those extraordinary events in our lives. What could be the possible point to achieving so much for not even an “I’m proud of you” from my dad. I really don’t think it was too much to ask for after all the effort to manage to earn magnificent grades. I just wanted him to at least notice our hard work.
Slowly my emotional phase started to fade away growing to the original accustomed I have always had towards my father’s response. Judging will get you nowhere they say. I have learned this lesson. I got home from school after a long hot day my sophomore year. “How was your day at school, Yuliana,” my dad said in a low tone while listening to his choppy voicemails. His eyes were closing. I saw the sweat dripping down his face. His shirt was more than half stained with car grease; his pants merely torn by the knees. “Look at my student of the month certificate,” I said with a vague tone having a sick feeling that my emotions were going to get destroyed any second. “That’s really good. Leave it in the table so I can take a picture of it,” my dad exclaimed. I was puzzled and settled it down. I have never told you this before, but you and your brothers have made me the proudest father ever. “Every certificate that you and your brothers have gotten I have taken a photo of it. Matter of fact, I have them on my Facebook album,” my dad said. I left with the biggest smile ever to my room, and I couldn’t possibly say a word. It is this event that has shaped my belief. Don’t assume pessimistic thoughts about others; especially about the ones that love you the most. Stepping back from the scene and analyzing why things just don’t work out that way would be the best choice. I have made the wrong decision of judging to quickly to conclusions and hurt myself emotionally.

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