When i got my cat

September 7, 2012
By Anonymous

It was an ordinary day, like any other. My friend Reilly called me, she said “do you want to come to Ikea with me?”
I said “yea sure, come whenever,” and she arrived around 15 minutes later.
We were at Ikea, just looking around. When we decided that we had enough, we got in the car and started to drive home but first stopping by at the Home Goods in Trumbull. As we were about to pull into the driveway I spotted a neon orange “free Kitten,” sign I became instantly excited. I’ve wanted a kitten for about a year, and I thought maybe this would be my time to get one. Once we were inside Home Goods I called up my Mom and asked if I could get a Kitty, my Mom said
“We won’t have anyone to take care of it when we go on vacation, and it’s a huge responsibility,” the call shortly ended after that, so I decided to call my Dad.
He said “talk to your Mother,” After I hung up from the call between my Dad and I, I received a call from my sister,
She said “Mia! Don’t pay attention to what Mom and Dad say just get it, they won’t have the heart to send it back,”
I quickly replied “I can’t.” After a few more phone calls my parents finally agreed to let me buy a kitten. I quickly said to Mrs. C, “can we please go back to the home with the free Kitten sign,” “my parents said I could get a Kitten.” I added.
“Oh, Okay, let’s go!” she said enthusiastically. We pulled out of the Home Goods parking lot and a hundred thoughts whirled into my mind “what if the home owners aren’t home? What if all the kittens were gone? What if they changed their mind and wouldn’t give anyone any kittens?
Soon we were pulling into the very steep driveway of the house that had the Kittens. I started to knock on the door, but no one answered. I started to ring the door- bell, but no one answer. I started to lose hope. But then an elderly woman answered the door.
“I am here to see the free Kittens,” I said clearly.
“Oh, great! Right this way,” the elderly woman said. As I walked into the house my jaw dropped it was the messiest house I’ve ever seen it looked like it could be out of the show Hoarders. The home was filled with stuff from floor to ceiling. We were soon out on the screened in porch, where all the kittens were. I spotted a gray and white striped -kitten, with ice blue ices. I knew it was the one I wanted. I took a few pictures of the small animal and sent it to my Mom, Sister, and Dad to see what they thought. They all replayed in the next few minutes. They all said “he’s so cute,” I picked up my Kitten to be and told the lady that
“I want this one.” The woman brought the cat to the sink and gave the Kitten a bath, then checked him for ticks, in a matter of seconds I was bringing my cat out to my friends’ car, and we were on our way home. When I got home my Mom, and my Sister loved the little Kitten, from the first second that they laid eyes on him. We decided right then, and there that we would name him “Buddy,”
We got Buddy a bed, toys, and a lot of food. We played with him for the rest of the day. Little did I know that, that morning I left with twenty dollars in my pocket expecting to go to Ikea, but instead I came home with my new Kitten, And I knew it was good day.

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