September 6, 2012
By Raceface BRONZE, Woowldand Park, Colorado
Raceface BRONZE, Woowldand Park, Colorado
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Favorite Quote:
keep running till you puke.

As I’m flying over my handle bars I’m thinking oh crap I’m about to break something like snapping a two by four. What happened was I was in this bike club in the eight grade and it was mountain biking, MTB for short. We’re going down this dirt trail a half mile off 67 and as we arrive to the end of the trail, there is a jump. So I go quickly ahead of the others and riders that think they’re all bad with there 29” bikes, and I jump the jump. I’m thinking...

“Wow that wasn’t too bad of a little jump.”

So I go back up the trail to turn around and jump it again. I turn around and the teacher is at the bottom of the jump with another student. I figured I would just go around him and nothing will go wrong. The exact opposite of that happened. I’m yelling...

“Hey bro! Can you move over a tad bit please?”

I’m yelling it over and over again; he must not have heard me once because I was far away...

“Whatever I’ll miss him.”

I start going down the trail and I’m ganging speed faster and faster like a cheetah. Gears in the front, gear one, switch to gear two. Gears in the back, gear four switches over and over again down to gear seven. I’m five feet away from kreigshauser and I’m about to pass him. I look over and kreigshauser sticks his leg out to get off his bike, and his foot hits my stem. The stem is the part that holds your fork up through your frame, and holds your handlebars. As he kicks my stem, it some how jerks my MTB all the way to a dead stop. As this is happening, I start to feel myself being air lifted off my pedals. I let go of my bars and I fly off my bike.

I scrape my foot on my brake lever and my shoe lace loop has hooked on the lever. I’m thinking as all of this is happening so fast...
“Gosh, why does this have to happen today, its cold out and I don’t want to crash now.”

But it is what it is and I feel my bike being jerked by my shoe lace and I flew at least 30 feet it seemed like and I finally start going down towards the ground and the only thing I remember is looking at the ground when I woke up. When I woke up from blacking out I am face down in the dirt, but thank god I had a full face helmet or else I would’ve had a road rash all along the left side of my face and that wouldn’t have been very good at all. When I got up my head hurt so it was like I had the helmet on sideways when I sat up I swear I had been filled with air or something because I felt so light. When I was fully sitting up, and also leaning over too, I took my helmet off and a fountain of blood was coming from my nose. I heard all the kids screaming. Fifteen seconds later there was a puddle big enough to fit both palms of my hands. The teacher called 911 and the ambulance said I had a minor concussion. As I’m sitting in the ambulance, I look over at kreigshauser through the back doors and I could see tears in his eyes. I know he had those tears because he must have felt so bad for what he had just done to me. After the ambulance had released me and my parents show up and they asked what all happened and then after that my dad had his truck with him, so we just put my bike in the back and rode home.

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