I Now Understand

September 6, 2012
I think at some point in life we come to see the true beauty of the relationships we have with other people. It's much more than an epiphany, rather it is a key to the future. I don't think we should look and focus on the wrong they've done us. Instead, see what they have taught you. Sure we'll experience broken hearts, torn friendships, forgotten relationships, but it's the why's and what's; the who's and where's that give us guidance to the hard road we know as "life". The saying "it happens for the best", I believe it. I see these people I once called my friends, the change in their lives, their personalities- their true colors. I sit around and think what could have happened to me if I let them play around with me or if I didn't have the sufficient self-control to not have an argument or fight. If anything I learned how to pick my friends, what to say, how to make these major changes in my life. In the end, I do become a better me. Everyone should have the opportunity to become a better person. I don't think anyone wants to sulk around for undeveloped stories. It's the ones that are most important to you that should be worth your time, effort and tears.

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