Our Special Day

September 5, 2012
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The restaurant was crowded and most of the tables were already full. The waiters moved between the sea of costumers very quickly, carrying many plates at the same time amazingly. They arms were covered by plates of different sizes and shapes and none of them didn’t move at all. My father and I were at the entrance of the restaurant.

“Good afternoon” said very politely a waiter who was wearing a white shirt, a black bowtie and a red and black vest. He was wearing glasses and his clear blue eyes were shining behind the thin glass. His short hair was curly and grey, with some shy white locks. “May I help you? If you want to have a seat, follow me, please” stated very softly.

We followed him and he guided us to a table that was situated at the back part of the restaurant, next to the window.

“Here you have the menu”.
“Thank you very much, but I think we won’t need it. We are interested on the buffet” explained my father smiling.
“Oh, that’s great. I guess you know how it works. You have to choose one of the plates; there are different sizes. You have the small plate, the medium, and the large one. You can get served as many times as you want. What would you like to drink?” asked the waiter taking from his pocket a small notebook and a white pen.
“I will have a beer, please” said my father “Ana, what would you like to have?” asked my father looking at me”.
“Mmmm… I think I am having a pineapple juice”.
“OK, so a beer and a pineapple juice. Do you want a cold juice?”.
“Yes” I answered nodding and waving my legs from one side to another. The waiter left.
“Ana, are your ready? Let’s go to take some food!” exclaimed my father.

We walked towards the buffet, which was situated near to the main door of the restaurant. The voices of the people talking and the sound of the plates and the glasses formed part of the harmony of the place. A nice song caressed the walls and the ceilings and it tickled my cheeks. I had been in that restaurant a few times before and it was a place I really liked.

“Do you know what you are going to have? There are a lot of things you can choose!” said my father looking at all the tasty and appealing vegetables. He was right; there were so many choices! There were red and fresh tomatoes cut in thin slices, black and green olives, tiny and soft white onions that swam in vinegar, grated orange carrots, dark purple beet, small sweet corn, white fresh tuna, mussels, lettuce, all types of pasta in different shapes and striking colors, cheese, boiled eggs…

After a while, we went back to our table, where two glasses and a basket with bread where waiting for us. My plate was full of color and life. I had taken a little bit of everything.

“What a nice lunch!” exclaimed my father starring at me with a big smile on her face. “Well, tell me about school. How was this week?”.
I told him about all the things I had been during the whole week, about my teachers, my homework, my friends… I told him about my friend Lydia, the mean girl in the group. She wanted us to do everything she told us to do and if we didn’t pay attention to her words, she wouldn’t be our friend anymore. Word after word, the food began to disappear from our plates and it was already dessert time.

“What do you want for dessert?” asked my father even before the waiter came with the menu. I looked at him with a huge smile from one side to another. I talked without thinking; I didn’t have to think, I new very well what I wanted to have.
“Cheesecake” I answered very confidently. My father smiled, too.

“Did you enjoy your meal?”. The person talking was the waiter who had taken care of us.
“Yes, everything was great. We would like to have dessert” stated my father “My daughter Ana wwould like to have cheesecake and I… Do you have cold cake?”. The waiter nodded. “All right, so I would like to have cold cake”.
“Perfect, in a couple of minutes your dessert will be ready”.

I turned my face to the right and looked through the window. I could see some people walking along the wide street and the cars going along the crowded road and looking for a place to park. I saw my reflection in the glass; my straight short brown hair, my milk chocolate brown eyes, my aple cheeks… I was wearing a purple sweater, but on the glass it seemed to be pinkish. My father was also looking trough the window, with her hand on his chin. His greenish eyes were bright and moved following the cars.

“Here you have” said a familiar voice.

In front of me I have a very big piece of cheesecake; the biggest piece of cheesecake I have ever had.
“If you need help, I can help you” proposed my father laughing.
“No, thank you, I think I can eat on my own this piece of cake” I told him.
I had bo words to describe how good and delicious was the cheesecake. The soft dough melt in my mouth and its flavor spread all around my mouth. I looked at my father and shared with him a smile. Words weren’t necessary, he knew how pleased and happy I was.

“Let’s go!” said my father when he poored his last groal of coffee. He left the small brownish cup on the tiny plate and he got up taking from the back of the chair his black coat. “Ready?”.

We left the restaurant and we walked trough the wide hallways of the huge shopping centre. The afternoon had just started. It had started with an excellent beginning. We were going to the cinema and the restaurant was behind us, waiting for us until the next time. It was going to be an unforgetable day; I knew that. I took my father’s hand and smiled.

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