August 31, 2012
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I wanted, needed you more than you could ever believe, but you left, left when I had more problems than I’d every willingly, openly, admit to. But you left, over a dream, over something that I thought was fixed, you left, leaving me high and dry at that park, more alone, more vulnerable, than I had ever felt. I know the love was not perfect but it was ours, I know I made some terrible mistakes, I should have never had lie there with her or been there with him, but you are no angel either, I am more than certain that we would have left each other later in life but you left me vulnerable when I was falling deeper into love. But those feelings are gone, I am claiming my nights back, I am claiming my dreams, my thoughts, my days, my life back I am going to make my life right and I will be successful without you. I am going to find my angel, my best friend, my love again and I am going to get back what I was forced to leave behind. Thank you though, for showing me who truly cared. Now this is my good bye, my au revoir, your banishment. Good bye.

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