Paranormal Reality

August 30, 2012
By JSMyers BRONZE, Spring Valley, Ohio
JSMyers BRONZE, Spring Valley, Ohio
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"Big things have small beginnings." -David, "Prometheus" "I've never given much thought to how I would die, but dieing in the place of someone I love...seems like a good way to go..." - Bella Swan, Twilight

The following memoir is based on true events...When I was 5 years old, I had my first experience with the paranormal world, or realm..."My eyes flashed open, feeling a cold breeze fly into my room from the open window beside my bed. I couldn't move at all, I couldn't blink, or so much as even twitch a finger. I laid there paralyzed, wondering why I couldn't move. Until, my thoughts stopped short when a black shadow thing slipped into my room under my door. It crawled up the wall and onto my bed, sliding over my body, moving closer to my face. I tried to move as its light weight moved over me like a cloud of fog, but I was still paralyzed. The shadow wrapped its dark tendrils around my face, enveloping my head...suffocating me. When I was inches away from losing consciousness, the shadow entered my mouth and slipped down my throat. I screamed on the inside, feeling a white-hot fire sear through me, I could feel my mind slipping away from my control, new and unnerving thoughts appeared in my head, and it scared me as I realized they weren't my own thoughts. I thought a prayer to myself, asking God to help me. As soon as I thought the prayer a bright white light filled the room, along with a loud, crackling static sound. The shadow withdrew from my body, and slipped out the window...into the dark and moonlit night..."

The author's comments:
I just want you all to know that this actually happened to me, and that I'm not crazy or insane. I found out after many years of research that the shadow was a demon trying to possess me. And I still haven't found out what the bright white light and static was...I theorize that it was my guardian angel...or one of them.

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