Wasted Tears

August 24, 2012
I get so jealous and disappointed when I see you with any others. I think what do they have that I dont? When I look in the mirror and see us together I see a huge, not very pretty, unconfident, tom girl, giant (me). Then i look at you and I dont know what it is, but your perfect. Why don't you see that. I know we don't belong together. It hurts. The way you smile and flirt with those other girls is so painful. You used to look and smile at me like tha. Why don't you anymore? Have I changed or you? Am I not good enough anymore? You don't know it, but you hurt me so much when you deny me. I have tried so hard to get you back. I've given you every part of me. It's pathetic. I'm pathetic. You say you love me, but it must be a joke. You don't treat people you love like this. But i know one thing that's definetly true. I love you.

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