High Life

August 1, 2012
In that exact moment, when everything stops. You take a breath. In...and then slowly exhaling the tranquil carbon dioxide through your chest and passed your lips. Standing there, at the edge of the cliff, with your back facing the calm green creek. Murmurs of laughing and splashing slowly fade away. Your blocking out every other person or thing around you, and every sound other than the soft wind that breathes in your ears. Even in this chaotic world, for a second, your mind seems finally calm. You can’t think of all your worries, dreams or fears, even if you wanted to. The hard dusty rock is roasting your bare feet. You close your eyes, leaping off the high cliff in an instant. There’s no turning back. You throw your head back as the rest of your body follows, whipping your being into, what feels like, a perfect backflip. You transform into an olympian diver who is about to win the gold medal. Your hearts racing, eyes tracing the skyline, and your body is embracing every feeling in this moment. An adrenaline rush of no comparison. The final impact of flesh to water stuns your every nerve. Relaxing. Refreshing. Relieving. Renewing. It’s a true high of life and theirs not a single person or thing who can give it to you other than your own body.

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