If I Could Have You For A Day

July 28, 2012
Dad, this isn't another poem. This is me talking to you, well the best I can do. So, I listened to Staind. Your favorite Cd right before you passed away. It's a great Cd, it's deep. If you listen to the lyrics, you can hear that you were practically calling out for help. If I could bring you back for a day, I'd listen to the way you spoke, I'd take in the way you smell and I wouldn't forget it. I'd watch the way you walk. I'd hold your hand and call you daddy. Any quite moment I'd take the chance to tell you I love you dad. We would walk together and try to make up for lost time. I'd cook your favorite meal for you. I'd catch you up on everything you've missed and watch your eyes light up as you heard the stories. I'd tell you all about mama and how much of an amazing mother she is. She still cries about you daddy, she misses her husband, her soul mate. And I miss my dad. I'd hug you and not let go. I would try to take in everything about you. I would stand next to you in the mirror and look at the similarities in our faces. I'd pick at you for giving me your horrible eye sight. The last thing I'd ask would be: "Dad, why did you take those pills back in '01?" That would be the most important question and something I don't think I would understand, even if you, yourself, explain it to me. Which hurts and is the worst part. But who knows, you may not even be able to answer that. If I could have you back for a day this all is what I'd do. I love you daddy. In loving memory, Lou Earl. You will be forever missed.

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