A Rewind

July 16, 2012
2012 953 850, 850, 850, 850 1-1-99 1-1-02 2011 2010 8-27-91 3 2 all these numbers mean something to me. Integers I will never forget. As I age older these numbers gain more meaning. A inquisition I always ask myself is why I am who I am? As I heighten in wisdom and in knowledge I learn that these numbers will describe me. 2012 I just discharged 7th grade, but I feel as if I made one step forward and two steps back. Academically this wasn’t my best year, but as my dad says I’m aiming for par, and I respond I am surviving. But as for now I am not surviving I will survive. 2012 was the second hardest year of my life, but as Charles Dickens wrote “ It was the best of times, it was the worst of times…” As school became galling I discovered life and I realized that I would be me even if people don’t like me. 953 the score I made on the CRCT this year for social studies, but when they handed out the 900+ awards I was forgotten. Sometimes I feel invisible, but then I notice if you can see you can see me and that’s one of my DERP!!!!!! Moments. 850 is the score I made on reading CRCT to me I did well I passed in honor, but to my mom that was to close to on level. Sugar Hill Gang said it best “Don’t push me I’m close to the edge I’m trying not to lose my head”. 850 the CRCT score I got on Language Arts, and my mom couldn’t take it she left the room in distress. I felt like I did my best, but my mom felt like I didn’t try. 850 the score I got on science CRCT my mom gave me congrats because my teacher didn’t so that was a big accomplishment. 850 is my math CRCT score that was fatal because they are contemplating kicking me out of tag math. This is when my mom couldn’t take it and she didn’t want me to stress about, but still she said I told you so. And me with anger management problems and a smart mouth I said “you’re not five you’re more like 2”, and my mom slaps me, but honestly I deserved it. 1-1-99 the day I was born my mom past away and they had to take her to the c-section room. Because my mom wasn’t supposed to have children, but this was her second and her body couldn’t take it. So we they took her to the room my mom still died woke out of death and spoke no c no c. And they took her back to the regular room and her body completely numb is forced to push. And she couldn’t but I made it out. 1-1-02 was my third birthday, and I was dormant and my parents refused to wake me up so I slept through my 3rd birthday. They didn’t even stop the chockablock party they let it continue and when I woke all the presents were sitting right next to my bed. 2011 was an ok year, until I woke up one morning and my mom told me my grandfather had passed away. I locked myself in my room and missed the school bus. My mom found the key and came into my destroyed room poster torn down. Only thing I had in my hand was my bible, and I guessed that made my mom smile seeing she’s a reverend. Most of the details are too personal. But something that’s really important is that until I moved to Atlanta he mainly raised me. He gave me and for numbers. Also I like numbers more than words and I also have a, photographic memory. 2010 another hard year for me my dad said we were moving but my mom and I had to stay while my dad went to work in Texas. So for a whole year I only saw my dad twice, and my attitude towards men changed quickly I didn’t talk to grown men because I felt the tried to be my second father and I only have one and him being away made me appreciate him more. This experience also made me mature quicker. With all this power came responsibility, and peter parker’s grandfather said it best “ With great power comes great responsibility”. 8-27-91 the year my sister was born and when she was my dad told my mom that if they have another child girl or boy that they would name him jazz, and here I am. 3 years old is when I found my deep love for music. Life is and infectious disease death the only cure. I Am MOSTDOPE.

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