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July 9, 2012
By jocy80 SILVER, Vista, California
jocy80 SILVER, Vista, California
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she was a couple years older then me when she died. i never had the chance to met her. my dad didn't like my moms family. i never got to know this girl that everyone cried over. that everyone wished would come back but i heard about her. i learned all about her story. i heard how she loved my aunt like a mother. i heard how my mom told the nurse take what you need from me but let her live. i heard how she fought just so she can wake up the next day. i heard how she knew what was gonna happen in the end. and i heard how she took it in a way i never could how she never cried or became sad or angry about her chances. i heard how she told my aunt i love you but god wants me to go and be at peace right before they turned of the respirator machine. i heard about her but never once got to met her. but now years later I'm getting to know my cousin the one who was full of life and happiness and not the one who i thought just died of leukemia.

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died at 14 years of age in loving memory of her.

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