Night Review

July 14, 2012
By peytonT BRONZE, Reno, Nevada
peytonT BRONZE, Reno, Nevada
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Night was a powerful story of real-life tragedy. Elie had this way of captivating me into his story making me want to read deeper and deeper into Night. At the same time talking about these tragic losses and deaths, the brutal whippings and hangings made me so emotional. However, at the same time I couldn’t put it down.

Reading Night I was taken aback about how fast humans can transform. Like their experience with Mrs. Schächter they were beating her! As if they just wanted to hurt somebody with their anger from their recent experiences with the S.S, they didn’t even care who it was.

As of then, they were changed souls.

Several weeks and months pass, they're emotionless from their surrounding. Friends, family, neighbors are all dying and no one even looks back, they keep going on and nobody hardly even cared! His father was calling for him while dying and getting beat, Elie wouldn’t answer though thinking HE would've gotten hit. A few years, and all anyone thought of was themselves.

I understand this however.

They were just innocent civilians who got plucked from their homes, taken to concentration camps, because of their religion and beliefs.

Of course I can’t relate to this experience Elie had, nevertheless I can try understanding it. Positioning myself in this situation and putting into consideration the thought of this happening to me. Thinking, would I have just walked away impassive after watching my friends and family dying? Or would I have let the S.S take me too, with perceptive, I’m nothing without them, and how I just unconditionally loved them. Would've I been bothered as hundreds of people were getting taken to the crematoria? Would this life really have grown to be so second nature to me that quickly? That seeing such terrible things around me would I really of not taken a second look? That's practically unimaginable.

Throughout Night I couldn’t help to stop and think to myself, was this honestly real? Such as Elie’s explanation of the crematoria, the camps, the experience, the record itself almost seemed like a falsified horror story, not a non-fictional autobiography of a factual horrifying experience Elie endured and shared with thousands of others blameless beings. And now sharing with the world. The message being, this ruthlessness and vindictiveness of humans can never happen again.

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