The day you where born

June 9, 2012
By lillugo BRONZE, Sunnyside, Washington
lillugo BRONZE, Sunnyside, Washington
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The day you where born someone special appeared to my heart. That significant someone that I have his blood. I never knew how wonderful it would be for me. A marvelous day full of joy and happiness. The day were you were born. I could imagine you with chubby little cheeks. Your newborn eyes trying to look out for what the world is made of. The warmth of your little heart beating faster and faster. Your adorable face looking like my dad blending with my mom's looks. Welcome to the family welcome to your home sweet home, little one.

It was June 17 , 2008 on a Tuesday . The day was beautiful with shiny sun glowing on the blue clear sky. A very calm day like if awaiting for something momentous to come. My mom was on the couch, 8 months of being pregnant. I remember we were all amazed at the news because imagine having a brother of age 14 ,a sister of age 16 and me having an age of 11. My mom was really worried because her water had broken. We were all jumping around because that meant she was going to have him but in the same time filled with worriedness. We called our dad and in an instant he came like speedy Gonzalez. He was yelling with a really excited voice. He took my mom to the Prosser Memorial Hospital. While my sister, my brother and I were concerned biting our nails of being nervous, waiting for a call. 1 hour passed by. We recieved nothing our hearts beating faster and faster. Three hours pass by, we hear the phone ring we all jump at an instant and my sister answers. We all have our ears around her trying to hear but we can't. She hangs up and without giving her time to talk we say “ what happened?” my sister looks at my brother and then at me and says with a laugh “ It was a voicemail ......nothing to worry about.

We keep waiting and waiting. The phone rings again and my sister answers again. She screams with a loud shriek of happiness. Of course we realize that it has to be something good which has to be about my mom. It was!!! My little brother Angel was born. I couldn't wait to see that little Angel who would take away my heart with sweetness and tenderness.

I remember that at that time my Grandma and Grandpa which were from my dad's side were visiting all the way from Mexico. They had heard the astonishing news and couldn't wait to see my little brother. We got there which was Prosser Memorial Hospital. We greeted first my mom with a big sweet hug. Then I saw you little Angel in my mother's arms. How I had imagined you with chubby rose pink cheeks. Your eyes closed trying to open up. Thats when I realized how much love I was going to have for you. I would visualize the nice times we were going to have combined with hard times but would find a way to get out. The thought of taking you to the end of the road waiting for your bus to come. I couldn't wait.

Its been three years and I still remember when you were born. Your growing up and will be four this 17 on June. Guess what you will also have your baptism and Father's day on your birthday what a lucky little boy. I haven't been a good sister for you. I have been showing you the wrong things instead of the right things. Its funny to get you mad because you occasionally leave furious. I feel that pain in my heart because when I ask you, you decline me and yell at me and tell me to leave that you don't want to see me, but I have earned that myself. I haven't yet played with you without yelling at you or taking care of you right but its never too late. I don't want you to think that I don't love you. You will always be in my heart little one and that day when you were born will take a part of it too. Never have a doubt of the much love I have for you. When you grow up into a young teenager I want you to read this because I dedicate this to you and hopefully you understand that all those bad things where never meant to be.

The author's comments:
Well I had to write this for a class but it was the bestest moment of my life and I realized that you should always treat your brothers or sisters the nice way because later it will come back to you and when it doesn't it really hurts.

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