Marry Me

July 6, 2012
By , Tallahassee, FL
When the limo pulled up to the restaurant, I didn't know what kind of restaurant it was until the powerful smells of Italian food invaded my nose. Making sure that my red and white cane was in the ready position I strutted into the restaurant. Gallant smells and sounds softly invaded me. Soft, rhythmic, dance country music tapped lightly on my ear drums along with the gentle pushing of plants making their way into my nostrils. My shoes clicked as if I were walking on marble wood but didn’t know the texture of the floor. A pleasant voice softly wisped in front of me distracting me from my exploring senses.

“Ah! My love! Everything is already in place. He told us to take really great care of you!” I felt a soft hand tap my shoulder in perfect blindness manner that meant “please take my arm.” It was the elegant way to guide a blind person, and so, with eagerness, I let him guide me over to a table. My choose glided across the floor as I passed people quietly talking among the faint clink of glasses and spoons. What the heck a few turns we began to walk faster and away from the noise.

“Ah. There he is, waiting in you sir.” My heart faltered, stuttered, and then picked up again in double time as I could sense us drawing closer to another person. As we slowed down, I caught the scent of Greg’s favorite perfume as well as the faint wisp of a dashing shampoo that I never smelled on him before.

“Ah good.” Greg said… “You’re here!” He took my hand in his lotion palm and slowly guided me to the cushioned chair. I slid my legs underneath the table cloth, and I folded up my cane. Listening to Greg walk in dress shoes, he sat down across from me his smooth articulate black accent floated towards me.

“I was wondering when you were going to show up. I'm so happy to have you here.” I was dumbfounded

“What’s the location?” I asked.

“Good things come to those who wait.” He said a smile in his voice.

“I should be saying that.” I boasted.

“Well, tonight you will get the chance to mean it—“

“Excuse me sir, but here's your menu.” A sudden voice spoke making me jump. He placed a menu down in front of me. I automatically started to hand it to Greg to read, but he just laughed.

“I can't read that.” I blinked in shock. Was it in Italian?

“Read the menu.” He softly encouraged, smiling. I thought I felt a familiar dot underneath my thumb but I quickly deduced it as a spot in the menu. Looking for the dot, my eyes opened wide when I felt the Braille letter M. it was rare that restraints would actually have a Braille menu. I was touched and shocked.

“These… these… are really big things… um…” I stuttered. His huge hand suddenly softy swallowed my small white one.

“I know, but it will get better.”

“You’ve done some amazing things and I've known you for three years!” I giggled, high on the lavishness of the atmosphere.

I know, and now it's time to bring it all together.” I gaped… he was going to propose!

“Uh… um… uh…”

“You deserve it. I told you I’d make your life special. I’d told you that I was serious when I first met you. I told you that I would treat you as you should have been treated all your life. I plan on doing that. First, we got to get married.” I was gitty and shocked. We sat holding hands, and eating our food that arrived. When we were all done, I heard a soft click, followed by an abrupt song change. The new song that spilled all over the restaurant was a slow dancing song. People gasped.

“We’d better go. The spotlight is on us.” Speechless, I stupidly took his hand and we glided onto the mahogany dance floor. I could feel the heat of the light in us the whole time as we spun in a tight embrace.

“I'll never hurt you. I'll always protect you. I'll support you. I love you so much that I want to take this next step with you. You’re my world…” he kept on as we twirled inside of our own little world. I believed him. He had not hurt me yet, lied to me, or done anything to sway my judgment.

“I believe you.” I whispered. I exclaimed how much I loved him too.

“I'll never ever break you. You’re like perfect glass.” A warm hand touched my cheek.

“You have the most beautiful face. It matches your heart, I melted. I cried through the rest of the song. At the end, on the last note, he kneeled down and proposed to me.

“I'll always be there for you, and you can trust me about anything. I've seen how you’ve come so far with your writing and worm and I'm so proud of you. You’re so special to me that I want to share everything with you. Since there's no one that can measure up to you, will you marry me? I love you.” I said yes…

Two year later…

He lied about everything.

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