All My Crazies

July 5, 2012
By Anonymous

"Hey, I have to grab my book from my locker, come with?" asked Kaylee nonchalantly. Her expectant blue eyes washed over me like a soft splash of chlorinated water. It was the rehearsal for Guys and Dolls, our school musical, and Kaylee and I were a missionary and hotbox dancer respectively. We sat in the dank auditorium with math text books flopped exhausted on our laps.

"Can we sneak up to it like super-spies?" I asked, probably making a dumb joke, but when we met eyes, we knew it was happening. Our faces then crept into that mischievous dorky freshman smile.

Masked in her electric green scarf, Kaylee transformed into "The Green Bandit" sporting twin pistols. With my finger-crafted laser blaster I became her partner in crime, a mysterious assassin from the North. In this way we marauded through the school, sprinting down pale hallways and flinging ourselves into door frames when trouble arose in the form of evil robot janitors.

"Pyoo! Pyoo!" Kaylee murmured as she took out a trigonometry teacher.

Finally at locker Q72, we dismantled our weapons, checked the area for traps and collected the needed information (Kaylee's book.)

"Only us," I told her, "only us."

The author's comments:
I wrote this to describe my relationship with one of my best friends and admire our crazy ideas and imaginations.

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