Being Bullied

June 28, 2012
By Anonymous

I have been bullied since the second grade. Let’s just say it has been a huge impact on my life. I was always an insecure girl, I worried about people not liking me or finding me weird. I had never have felt the sting of being bullied until the first couple of days of second grade. It was a guy the same age as me, I had nothing against him but apparently he had everything against me. I still have no idea why he bullied me, but I forgive him because it was probably something so upsetting in his own life that made unleash his fury on me. I was exiled by most of my class because of him. I was called a germ, a parasite, and a lot of other names. It was horrible. But I got lucky because I made a friend. Her name was Kesha, and she was my first best friend. When others called me stupid, she said I was smart. She made me feel a lot better aND wasn't’t so alone anymore. But as I got into the third Grade, It got worst. Kesha moved away at the end of school year. I was alone again. It got worse the following year because not just him but the entire class had taken a shot at me in one way or another. Girls found me weird and didn’t play with me. They would always make promises, but of course they broke them and just made me feel like an idiot if I brought them up. Boys would try and hurt me on purpose. One boy tripped me and I smack the desk and the edge came off clean. To me, it didn’t hurt much. I was a target in gym class. I was a bullseye and I had absoultely no athletic skill. It was fun to make fun of me. To them I was a joke, a toy to broken. The people I thought were my friends, really only gave me pity. I didn’t want pity from them. As time move on, it wasn’t until 6th grade, that I would experience things different from usual torments. I would experience true fear. I was sexual harassed by 8th graders. I would be walking to my car; I couldn’t go to the far door because it was for just the teachers. I would exit out the door nearby and there be a mob of boys. All of them were bigger and stronger than me. They would call me names and make gestures that I wouldn’t understand until I was older. They harassed me because of my relations. Because messing with me, would get to my older Brother. It was one day after school, my older brother was walking me to the car and they came upon us. My brother told me to go, while he handles them. I started to walk away when I saw him being shoved. I ran back to him and shouted get away from my brother. They just laugh in my face. My brother rushed me to the car. It stopped after they left for high school. Something I am very thankful for. It was soon replaced by the guy who had always bullied since we were little. It was like he had grown even more spiteful than he had ever been. It made me pity him because he didn’t have the friends I had that were nice and honest. It seemed to me. He could still get to me even though I was older, but the fact of the matter is that it affected me less and less. I had got more confident because of last year’s problems. I vowed never to that helpless again. I was able to fight back. It wasn’t until 9th grade, freshman year that I stop caring. I didn’t care at all what others thought about me. Other people who had torment me in the past have grown up and stopped messing with me. The one who has bullied me the most still tries but I feel he fails every time because I may have gone through hell to get where I am but one thing is for sure. I am not going back where I was.

Being Bullied is no cakewalk. It is pure hell. The way it hurts is far worse than anything a tv ad can state. This is only my experiences with Bullying but others have far worse than I have had it. It makes you feel like your worthless. It is not something you can get over easily.

The author's comments:
This is something I wrote to express my feelings and my own experience.

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