The Remaining

June 28, 2012
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(Black dress shirt,khakis, and black jordan shoes). While walking into the building of sorrow where feelings build up and let out! I walked into the family room waiting for a few minutes to enter the room of the loved one. Waiting, felt so long each second was multiple flashbacks that ran through my head. Finally, while heading to the door I felt pain each step. Once in the room the brown walls with white trim brought out the table of flowers purchased by the loved families and friends. Their lied a brown casket which laid a wonderful person that I cherished multiple experiences. My NaNa. Pictures of her grandchildren lay above her blessed pillow. She was wearing a white polo, which started making me choke up. My reactions were to hold her hand and kiss her goodbye one last time. My hands and lips felt a cold tickle, which ended up with tears trickling down my cheeks and down to the floor. My dad walked up to me saying “She is in a better place,” then my PaPa came by me saying “She is in heaven watching down on us.” I couldn’t stop crying because the last words she said to me in the hospital was “ Don’t cry Si, I love you,” I responded “ I’ll see you at my game and I love you,” then I gave her a kiss goodbye. So much was running through. All of a sudden I had a flashback of her and I gambling with quarters like old times, but only memorizes will stay with me. The feelings of her being gone felt like a crack in my heart, which my hands started jittering and started sweating. I Still remember almost everything everything that happened that day on Oct 4th, 201. R.I.P NANA

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