The Perfect Present

June 11, 2012
By Anonymous

A necklace, just a plain necklace seems to catch the eye of several people as they pass by me.

The chain is colored similarly to a gold door knob. The paths of microscopic holes sip tiny pockets of air. At the end of the chain, the clasp opens and closes as fluently as water dripping off of a melting icicle. The simple chain enhances the beauty of the valuable jewel.

The diamonds arrange themselves in a circle equidistant from each other; they encircle the gorgeous pearl with their effortless beauty. The minute diamonds create a contrast in texture against the elegant pearl.

The pearl sparkles like crystal clear water under the sunlight or morning dew shining in the light on a sweet basil plant. It is colored like the silvery gray smoke above a crackling fire. It is textured like a smooth pebble skipping across a tranquil lake.

Even though it seems like it's just a necklace it contains sentimental value. It was given to me by my grandmother after I graduated Greek School. Before we left the house for the ceremony my grandmother placed a box wrapped in purple paper in the palm of my hand. I tore the paper apart and opened the box. I couldn't help but smile and I gave my grandparents a big hug and a kiss. My first pearl necklace was given to me by my proud grandparents. It will never be forgotten and I hope to pass it onto future generations.

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