Myself as a writer.

June 7, 2012
When reflecting upon myself as a writer, prior to my 8th grade year, I realize that this year I, improved on my writing, in comparison to my past years, I’ve improved I my abilities to write essays, improve my SRI scores, and remember what I’m writing and understand it, and I gained necessary writing skills to help me in my future career as a social worker.

I have always been good at writing; it’s honestly just something I’ve always enjoyed doing, and something I just completely love. “If students are going to have a fighting chance at running with the bulls, it’s obvious that their ability to read and write effectively will play a pivotal role (3.2-29-30). And, this means, if you want a good paying job, and want to do something you love doing it’s going to take education, reading and writing skills, good grades, and effort. Without any of this it’s really kind of hard to do anything. That’s why I need to try harder now, and do the best that I can and succeed now. Because, I don’t want to do something I hate doing, I want a career that I love doing, and something I can be good at. But, like I said it takes education, and when I came into 9th grade freshman class, I didn’t understand that, but I’m going to be leaving 9th grade freshman class knowing that I need to do my best, and achieve, and take things seriously.

I improved in my SRI test scores this year, because I studied more. In the beginning of the school year, I came into school not giving a crap about school, not caring about my grades, and just goofing off as much as I wanted, which is why my grades were so crappy. I just didn’t care about anything; this was definitely a weakness of mine. I thought so much about my life, and what I want to do with it and thought to myself, this is NOT the path that I want to go down, I want to be somebody, and do something with my life, and enjoy it. Nobody is ever promised tomorrow, that’s why I have to do the best that I possibly can now, and try to be somebody. I need to understand that, I have struggles in my life, as well as everybody else. I just need to live with it, and learn that school is going to get me where I want to be, I just need to understand that.

I have dyslexia, which makes things much harder for me, and makes it more difficult for me to succeed. Like, sometimes I’ll write things wrong, or write things backwards; sometimes I’ll write right up the paper because I don’t realize it. But, knowing that I have this, and knowing that I have struggled with it most of my life, I understand how to deal with it. I know that the more I write and the more I try, the more I’ll succeed, the better I’ll do, and things will be less difficult for me in the long run. I just have to trust it, and do my best. I want to succeed, I don’t want to live my life knowing that I can’t do something, or know that something is way too difficult for me to do. I have try my best, do what I can, and not give up.

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