My Brother

June 6, 2012
By Smalzy14 BRONZE, Mount Holly, Vermont
Smalzy14 BRONZE, Mount Holly, Vermont
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It was that car ride where we first met, and where it all started. You looked and smiled at me Asked me how I was, you comforted me, and remember I was only three. We grew older and we grew closer. Then the day came, when we became Brother and sister. As we grow up, the more we fight, but I will never forget that first night. When you smiled at me, asked me how I was and comforted me, but yet I was only three. As the years pass and memory's fade. You are always in my heart and will never leave. Giving me the advice that a little sister needs. Bugging me until i drop to my knees, and bow to you like you are my king. A senior now heading off to collage. Perhaps your gonna give me a few hundred dollars? How will I survive? Having no older brother to annoy. No one to scream at in the morning, and no one to protect me in the time of need. What will I do with all that time I would of used to argue with you? When will I ever get the time to push your buttons? Of coarse after college I won't want to push your buttons. Remember when we were younger, playing civil war in the front yard? I started to hate playing it because for some reason you would always be the one winning. I use to never understand you. I never understood what you were interested in. Starting off with Pokemon, then yugio. Oh my, remember when you always wanted to duel me, but of coarse I always had the weaker cards. Then we moved on and you taught me how to play chess, you always beat me, but now, I guarantee I would beat you. We started to get older and wanted nothing to do with each other. We started to go different ways, arguing with each other more and more each day. But now and then I still think back to that car ride, you looked at me, smiled asked me how i was and comforted me, yet I was only three. The greatest memory's will always be in my heart, the family trips to Virginia, Hershey park, fort Ticonderoga, Fort number four, oh and many more. Many words have been said, but now only 17 remain in my head. I love you now and forever. Good luck in collage and you have a great future ahead of you.

The author's comments:
This was written for my brother, hes graduating high school this year and I am going to miss him a lot while hes gone away to college

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