Dear Father,

June 6, 2012
By Anonymous

Dear Father,

Thank you for never being at my performances. It really shows how much you care about me and my interests. It makes me gush with pride when you ask me what role I've gotten, only to shrug in disapproval when I say it's a minor one.

Thank you for yelling at my mother when you're actually angry at me. It's nice to see you treat the women who raised your children no better than an unpaid nanny. Not to mention since you never actually did any of the dirty work, you really show your gratitude and respect by screaming at her in venomous spite.

Thank you for putting us down when your friends compliment our accomplishments. It's really nice to hear how much we suck. When did it happen last? Just last Monday, when Mr. Wong said what a wonderful artist my sister is. What did you say again? "Art is a useless talent and will get you no where. It's a stupid pursuit."

Thank you for introducing us to your family after 13 years. It was totally reasonable to present your children to your parents only after they've grown up. It was TOTALLY reasonable to force us to act disgustingly sycophantic and polite at dinner, because that's the "standard" in which they live. And it's SUPER MEGA AWESOME that you're ashamed of my mother, so she's never invited to these awkward occasions.

Thank you for never ever failing to disappoint me. You always manage to, even when my gut says otherwise. When you promised I could go to America over the summer, and then you took it back because you thought "it would be a waste of time to see all those people" I call " friends."

Oh, and I absolutely love it when you threaten to cut us off if we don't do everything you tell us to. What liberty and freedom must we feel! To refuse my college funding if I don't major in business. You're a real gentleman, you know? I'm so lucky to have you.

In conclusion Father, you're a git. You cause my levels of loathing someone to reach new levels. But you know what? I no longer care. I no longer care because the second I'm an adult, I'll be free of you. I will no longer have to worry of the financial stability of my poor mother. I will no longer have to kiss the "a's" of your family members. I will detach myself from you completely. The only thing between us is the last name that I so begrudgingly inherited. But that will be all.

And you will be sorry. For all those years spent in cowardice. Unable to stain the "honour" of your family, you put us away,like hidden playboy magazines. For years we were "stashed" deep within California, with no one to associate us with you. Even your sister, who lived not two miles away from us, knew we existed.

Well, you will get your wish. We will vanish into the air, and you will never see me again. I will never love you, and you will never know me.

It's a real pity too. I was rather fond of you as a child. But the day came when I realised what a sorry wretch you are.


Your daughter, S

The author's comments:
My father...Just a hyperbolic representation of my hate for him... I might write this letter to him one day. Just, maybe.

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