My Bestfriend

June 6, 2012
By oliviah BRONZE, Oshkosh, Wisconsin
oliviah BRONZE, Oshkosh, Wisconsin
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All I am thinking is, We need to call 911!! As I run across the slick, cold floors of the YMCA, millions of other thoughts also run through my head about all the pain you’re going through for me. As you are now well aware, your arm is lodged in between a giant metal bench and a brittle, metal wall. You exclaim that you’re losing circulation in your left arm, but all you cared about was not letting go of my cell phone that you were so tightly gripping onto. You held onto it as long as you could, never losing sight of your goal to get the phone out. You were determined not to let go of the goal you were trying to achieve.

Your ability to always do the best to achieve your goals never fails me. Through the six years we’ve been best friends you have always been the one to never give up on your dreams. The most important one thus far is when you tore your ACL. You stayed so strong throughout the whole process, and now that you’re healed you can finally start to do the things you love again, all because of your hard work. This would all have been impossible if you didn’t have the drive that you do to get the things you strive for.

Your ability to stick by my side through everything never fails me. When red and blue lights shone in my rearview mirror, you were in the tan, leather back seat, convinced that we weren’t getting pulled over. When we actually did, you managed to still make me laugh, even though I wanted to cry. When I complained about how much trouble I was going to be in, you listened and comforted me. When I whined that I didn’t have the $200 to pay the fine, you told me you were going to be my “money consultant”.

The year I got my finger cut off was a bright blue sky summer. The only downfall was I couldn’t go swimming or do anything outdoors. You were the one who came over and sat inside with me, cooped up all day playing Mario Party on our old, rundown Nintendo 64. And let’s not forget all the get well soon cards you sent, “Hi Bob. P.S I hope you feel better soon”. You are always by my side whenever I need you most.

Your ability to always put others before yourself never fails me. Every time we have big sleepovers you’re always willing to take the spot on the scratchy, old, blue carpet in my bedroom floor, just so someone else can have the comfy bed, swarming with pink fuzzy blankets. And in the morning when we wake up and Stever doesn’t want to make us breakfast, you’re the one in the kitchen cooking up some delicious chocolate chip pancakes with a side of fresh, crisp bacon.

Although you’re kind of accustomed to it now, you’re one of the only friends I have that tolerates my box fan obsession. Most people hate to sleep with it because of the constant buzzing it does. They complain all night about how loud it is, but not you. Even though it is loud and annoying you tolerate it for me, so that I can get a good night of sleep. Even if it means you don’t sleep at all.

You’re the one that cares the most, and the one that notices the little changes about me. You’re the girl who noticed when I changed the color of my braces and the one who always notices when I get new clothes, and you always have the comment to go with it, “You did not need that new shirt! You should be saving your money”. When I’m mad you’ll always say that one smart remark like “God, Olivia, you’re so stupid!” that can literally turn my whole mood around. You are my best friend and I wouldn’t give that up for the world. We’ll always be best friends and nothing you do could ever push me away, so I’m sorry, but you’re stuck with me. Forever.

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