June 5, 2012
By EmilyGrace4699 BRONZE, Clarkston, Michigan
EmilyGrace4699 BRONZE, Clarkston, Michigan
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I remember the day that we walked into my elementary school as if it was yesterday. I was four and a half years old. That day was my first day in kindergarten. Kindergarten was the best. The second that you met someone you were instant friends- before you even knew their name.That day was the day that people made friends that they would keep with them forever.

Walking into the new school, I have no idea where my classroom is or what it will be like. I don’t know anything about this new school, or why it is so big. I don’t know anyone and have no friends yet. Maybe I won’t make any friends at all. While squeezing my mom’s hand so hard, I don’t know if I will ever let go of it.

When we walk into my classroom I see a girl that is confused and is spinning in circles. I think that she will make a good friend. I go and follow the girl in circles for awhile until we are both dizzy and just fall down. Then I spot her name tag. It reads “KARISSA”. I don’t know how to read, so for the next week I call her what I think that the teacher calls her- “ ‘Rissa”.

Nine years later my mom is driving me to a birthday party for that girl that was spinning in circles and we were in charge of bringing the cake. I look down and realise that where the brightly colored frosting spells out her name, my hand,sitting on the clear lid, is covering the “KA” so the cake reads “HAPPY BIRTHDAY RISSA!”

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